Saturday, December 8, 2018
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The 10 essential features of an ideal online learning delivery platform

The world of eLearning has flourished in the last decade. Online teaching tools are evolving to boost efficiency, bridge gaps as soon as they...

Are MOOCs the Future of Online Education?

Source: BestCollegesOnline.orgWhat’s at stake?: $400 billion: amount of money spent annually in U.S. on universities  The $400 billion represents: more than the annual revenues of...


Megatrends in MOOCs: #13 MOOCs as Relationship Builders

We have finally come to the end of a long road. We have looked at how MOOCs can foster learning organizations, encourage lifelong learning,...

Micro Leadership: How to Lead When You’re Not the Leader

Leadership is possible no matter where you are in an organization's hierarchy. People in management and leadership positions had to start somewhere - and...

LMS: Tracking, Notifications, and Reporting

Your Learning Management System can be used as a valuable tracking tool, not just for the training and development department but also for employees,...

How to Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

It has become a modern-day trend to boast about the number of hours we spend at the office, which is alarmingly high compared to...

Ordinary Efforts

Even ordinary efforts, given enough time, can produce extraordinary outcomes.

How To Beat Writing Procrastination

Procrastination. What a beautiful word. Go and wash your dishes. Sit and watch some TV series. Learn some recipes. Watch your photos for the...

Decision Making Strategies

Leadership skills become second nature for many people. But one of the most difficult skills is decision making. There are always numerous factors to...


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