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Decision Making Strategies

Leadership skills become second nature for many people. But one of the most difficult skills is decision making. There are always numerous factors to consider, impacts to predict, and, simply put, it’s difficult to please everyone from the highest levels. … Continue reading

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Coaching as a Training Resource

Even if the recession is beginning to back off, it may take some time to build budgets and training staffs back to a serviceable level. Plus, one of the hard facts of the ongoing financial crisis is that organizations will … Continue reading

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Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership is a step up from other leadership skills. Typically the term is applied to leadership situations that involve neither technical nor operational issues. Issues that require a form of adaptive leadership are normally problems that do not have … Continue reading

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Training Analytics

In a financial environment where training organizations are being asked more than ever to prove their worth, effective measurement is probably in the front of everyone’s minds. There are many ways to measure training, from the basic to the advanced. … Continue reading

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Sales Analytics

It’s easy to say that a great salesperson is that person who continually closes, and this is true to a great extent. But in a new economic environment, a closed sale is not necessarily the sole measure for effectiveness of … Continue reading

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