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25 Top Learning & Development Posts of 2009

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On December 30, 2009 No Comments

The top 10 growth Industries

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On December 29, 2009 No Comments

A report this month from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that department stores, newspaper publishing and the postal service are among the top 10 industries in the US headed for extinction, while management, scientific and technical consulting, employment services, full-service restaurants and a range of healthcare-related service industries will experience the most wage and salary employment growth by 2018.

The top 10 growth industries:

1. Management, scientific and technical consulting services
2. Offices of physicians
3. Computer systems design and related services
4. Other general merchandise stores
5. Employment services
6. Local government, excluding education and hospitals
7. Home health care services
8. Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities
9. Nursing care facilities
10. Full-service restaurants

The growth in the first industry is what is most important to me:  Management and Consultant Services.

The need for new methods and processes are paramount in our ongoing adjustment to the changes that 2010 brings. We need to take this knowledge and apply it to how we approach the marketing for our services.

Training for a “New Face”

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On December 15, 2009 No Comments

As we hear rumors of the eventual upturn in the global economy, organizations are beginning to emerge after taking cover and taking drastic action during the downturn. Many organizations will never operate the same again, and many are looking for ways to absorb the lessons learned and move forward with new structures and operations. How can the training organization help during this time of stepping forward? There are several areas on which to focus and change training – and ensure that the organization continues to move forward.

First, take a look at the new hire situation. Many organizations are on hiring freezes or may still be involved in layoffs. But some organizations are in constant need of new hire employees, especially on the front lines. If your organization has high turnover or simply continues to hire, look at the training that was offered for this group during the times before the economic downturn. How much of the information was truly “need to know”? Did the training integrate efficiencies such as e-learning and on-the-job programs? If not, take the time to revamp these programs to make them as efficient in delivery and subject matter as possible. Did the material focus on how to do the job efficiently? Try focusing the training itself on efficiency and see how well the new hires do. On top of this, remember to evaluate the new program in order to clean it up and keep it as cost-effective as possible. (more…)

Leading High Performance Teams

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On December 8, 2009 No Comments

Services_bgGeneral leadership is always a task that moves an organization forward. But creating and leading a high performance team may increase retention, efficiency, and even profit. In an age when buzz words sometimes get more notice, let’s look at high performance teams and determine how to make that team a reality instead of simply a popular term.

First, leaders must define what high performance really is. There are general leadership attributes that can be reached and exceeded by leaders at all levels and in all types of organizations. But the true definition of high performance leadership is going to center on the organization, its needs, and the way it will become a leader in its field. For example, simply providing customer service is not a high performance attribute. But providing 100% customer satisfaction in every customer interaction is a high performance standard, especially when that standard is measured and is part of accountability. So to begin creating a high performance team, determine what attributes create high performance at the individual, group, and organizational level. (more…)

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On December 1, 2009 No Comments

gatekeeperYou’ve worked on your presentation, your communication skills, and your research in order to persuade a particular client. But then you realize that getting to the decision maker is going to be more difficult than you imagined, because that person has a gatekeeper. Let’s discover some strategies for getting past the gatekeeper effectively, without creating a conflict.

First, it’s important to understand that there is more than one type of gatekeeper. The first type of gatekeeper is the permanent one, who is usually an executive assistant, administrative assistant, or secretary. This person probably holds all of the access to the decision maker, and he or she can make the decision as to whether you get through to that person or not. The second type of gatekeeper is the temporary or situational gatekeeper, (more…)



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