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Training Needs 3: Industry, Job, and Task-Related Needs

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On September 28, 2010 No Comments

Summary: Some of the needs you may uncover during your assessment are related directly to the industry, the jobs within the organization, and the tasks within those jobs. Let’s look at these needs and how to assess them.

When you begin your organizational needs assessment, you’ll find that many of the needs you discover are related to the overall industry and the jobs within the organization. This information can certainly overload you if you are looking at the organization’s training needs as whole. So the best way to tackle these needs is to break them down based on industry, job, and task. Let’s define each area and then look at some of the best ways to assess needs in those areas.

Training Needs 2: Existing Training

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On September 21, 2010 No Comments

Training Needs 2: Existing Training

Summary: A great starting point for an overall organizational needs assessment is current training programs.

Before you begin assessing various organizational areas for training needs, it’s a good idea to start with training that already exists. Existing training can be centralized, that is, run by the training and development department. On the other hand, individual departments may have training programs going on at those levels, as well. These programs can be well known, or perhaps they may be “covert”. For example, some departments may have an on-the-job training program that may be as simple as a first day or first week checklist. The idea behind the determination of existing training is not to expose any kind of “secret” training, but to determine how training can be made more effective. (more…)

Identifying your Organizational Training Needs: 1

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On September 14, 2010 No Comments

Assessment and Measurement Methods

Summary: In this series, we will examine training needs assessment. First, we will explore an overview of needs assessment. Then we will move into various organizational areas that will need to be assessed in order to create a comprehensive training and development program.

An overall organizational training needs assessment should be a very comprehensive examination of what is currently being trained, what knowledge, skills, and abilities should be added to the education program, and what may need to be added in the future. Areas of assessment and assessment methods can differ from subject to subject within the organization, and most certainly differ between organizations themselves. Before we begin a discussion of various assessment areas of which to be aware, let’s explore the definition of needs as well as some of the methods used in training needs assessment. (more…)

LMS: Training, Marketing, and Technology

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On September 7, 2010 No Comments

Choosing an LMSWhen you’ve completed your user acceptance testing, it’s time to implement a highly effective training and marketing program for the LMS. Remember that it’s great to have the LMS up and running, but a lack of users and enthusiasm could spell disaster for the LMS and the training initiative. So how can you ensure that training and marketing entice the organization to jump on the LMS bandwagon?

Many times, your audience may be reluctant to log in and begin using the LMS simply because of a lack of knowledge. Obviously the technologically savvy users may jump right in and try to figure out how to use it, but others may not be so quick. The key to this issue is to provide useful training. As with any training program, the operative term in LMS training is “useful”. Try to avoid training on the “nice to haves” or functions that don’t really apply to certain segments of the population. For example, end users really don’t need to know that much about reporting.



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