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Scary MOOC Savings

Though Silicon Valley has vigorously promoted MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), however, some universities and organizations are still reluctant to consider it appropriate to...

Fears about Technology Enabled Learning

Although we see a strong push for incorporation of technology in educational and training settings, and availability in the hands of students and teachers,...

Relevance of learning Vs. Relevance of training & Development

I have talked about a lot regarding training and development, in my previous blog posts, both in educational and professional context. Many of people’s...

Using a MOOC for HiPo Training

In this article, I am just going to be learner oriented, especially those having superior training needs and targets. Though corporate training has become...

How technology is impacting Learning & Development teams

Today we see that most of the organizations are still failed to adapt to most modern and optimal learning management solutions and practices, which...
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