Disruption to the Continuing and Professional Development Situation

disruptionThings are changing… faster than ever before.

Markets are moving and the need for training is ever present for firms wanting to survive.

The disruption that is ‘already here’ is changing everything we know and do.

The question everyone has is… what are we going to do knowing that this disruption has occurred.

In the past, training required that you book flights, transportation, hotels, take care of meals and entertainment… all to get people together for training.  We have for decades thought the best method for training was flying hundreds of people from all points, to a central place for training.  The costs have always been HUGE.

Travel Fees

Then ADDING the cost of the venue AND the training.

At CapitalWave, we propose a new business model for training.  This model is based on the new learning model of a MOOC. While you don’t need to know what a mooc is, what you do need to know is that this pedagogy is: Flexible, Scalable, Distributive, Reliable and Accountable.

Our delivery is a ‘virtual classroom’ … a place where participants work together on virtual teams and projects. Creating inter-active conversations. Inclusion of Simulation-based-learning. Having Just-in-time learning and Hot Topics.

We are proposing a method of online training that allows for everyone, both now and for the next two years, to experience the same training program.  An Online Video Training that has a Reliable Delivery Framework with Sequenced Learning Objectives the has Engaging delivery and simulations, this is Highly visual, which Creates and in-person experience, that Rewards participation, which Eliminates the irrelevant, Creates seamless transitions.

Our solution for training is to NOT abandon the ILT model, nor is it to replace it with a pasts standard-learning-model.  We are offering the best of both, an in-person experience for training that includes high quality lectures, availability of downloadable material, and the often lost value is networking … ‘virtual team building and discussions’ that engage, motivate and amplify learning opportunities.

The delivery framework is a dynamic pedagogy that is ‘competency based learning’ that is available across geographic boundaries. What we are proposing is to ignite a training model that embodies ‘Training Tomorrows Workplace & Workforce’.  Take this as our announcement of an online CPD training resource for industries and company’s.  We are calling this:  CPDex.

CPDex will be the online framework which will allow people to Explore, Excite and Experience this new educational environment.It is our intent to launch the CPDex on June 1st, 2013.  Come back to learn more.

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