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Which Social Media Website Do Digitals Prefer Most and Why?

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On August 3, 2011 No Comments

Nothing has ever defined the true potential of technology and digital media better than Social Media. From family to business, social media has touched every single corner of our lives. No wonder a big part of the credit for social media’s popularity goes to the digitals. They have always been the ones to embrace technology as it comes. They don’t just use it for the sake of it; they utilize its true potential to make our lives better in some way and for them social media turned out to be a genie in a bottle.

Although digitals are socially driven people, it didn’t take them long to realize how they can use the newly found ‘digital interaction’ to circulate ideas and views around the internet. The digitals incorporated the benefits of social media to help them in managing personal matters and maintaining professional profiles. Consequently, social media was suddenly a powerful tool that allowed businesses to interact with the consumers like never before- A haven for both the digital consumers and the digital producers.

Since digitals are the ones who are somehow born with the ability to make the best out of technology, it really pays to follow in their foot steps. Out of a plethora of social media sites, there are few that the digitals prefer the most. Their judgment is not based on speculations, but on their sharp and deep analysis of the features and benefits. (more…)

Successful Business Digitals – How Do They Do It?

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On July 27, 2011 No Comments

After the crash of the dot com era in 2001, entrepreneurs were worried about the next big thing that would be basically the breakthrough technology to support business operations and decision making. A successful digital entrepreneur will always have an ace up their sleeve to get them out of recessionary messes. The traditional entrepreneurial theories are now redundant, entrepreneurs need to adapt to more e-commerce techniques, social media and website technologies. Working in conjunction with techniques of the digital age will define the entrepreneurs of the future.

Let’s scroll through some factors that determine successful business digitals: (more…)

How Digitals Do a Better Job than Others in Completing Their Work

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On July 20, 2011 No Comments
Using latest technology makes Digitals faster, so they adapt faster and are better than usual people who avoid or use less technology. Digitals are naturally endowed with the gift of adaptation and this is an advantage to them. They are faster than non Digitals both mentally and physically.
The Digitals have very quick fingers which they use for typing on the computer keyboards, whether they are touch screen or manual. A normal individual may type approximately 33 words per minute. While the fastest typists have a word count of above 100 words per minute. Digitals use the latest high tech keyboards like the all in one Asus Eee Keyboard. (more…)

Ideal Job Roles for Digitals – The Person-Technology Fit

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On July 13, 2011 No Comments

A 2009 survey by CareerBuilder informs us that 45% employers now search for candidates on social media websites, compared to 28% in 2008. Apart from that, employers are using social media sites to background check and get references for employees. The digital generation is thus not just limited to the Gen-Z, but also involves the Gen-X and Gen-Y population who are turning to evolving technology and education concepts of the wireless age.

Employed professionals are enrolling into e-learning degrees and diplomas all the time. Jeb Bush, brother of George W. Bush and Governor of Florida, has supported the Digital Learning Council along with influential high profile members from education, industry, banking and government to encourage the use of e-learning. This is to keep up with changing times and development of management concepts beyond vintage theories. Its basic purpose is to educate the youth of the US through electronic channels with a wide range of qualification parted online. (more…)

The Rise of the Digitals

By Bryant Nielson, Managing Director On July 8, 2011 No Comments
We are living in an age of technology where electronic devices have become an integral part of anyone’s life. People who use technology too frequently and have a high adoption rate for the latest technology are referred to as “Digitals”. As technology is improving, there is a rise in Digitals.

Defining Digitals

Digitals are people of all age groups, males or females and can be from any country. They are people using GPS technologies like iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Blackberrys, and other smart phones. These people use the latest technology to gain access to the information on the internet at any time or place. Digitals are constantly surfing the internet in search of the latest information and applications. They can be people with interests in reading of articles and posts, watching multimedia messages, or gaming fans. They have a never ending craving for web surfing. (more…)



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