Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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How to Motivate Your Employees for Learning and Development

As a corporate learning and development professional, you must know the importance of improving skills and obtaining knowledge for employees. No matter the business...


Encourage Team Building with Training Sessions

Teamwork is one of the biggest prerequisites for workplace efficiency. A team is a well-oiled machine that can tackle complex tasks, increase...

Micro Leadership: How to Lead When You’re Not the Leader

Leadership is possible no matter where you are in an organization's hierarchy. People in management and leadership positions had to start somewhere - and...

Embracing MOOCs

Since the world is heading towards more sophisticated form of learning experiences, embracing MOOCs in education and corporate training has become vital. In my...

Changing the Focus of Training

As we hear rumors of the eventual upturn in the global economy, organizations are beginning to emerge after taking cover and taking drastic action...

Changing Training Paradigms

Within the last few years, I have been observed rapid changes in corporate training paradigms, along with consumer education and needs analysis sectors. Specifically,...

Revamp Your HR Processes in 2020 For a Resounding Success!

As the new year rolls into the middle of the first month it is time for the leaders in the HR department to take...

A List Of 3 Pros and Cons of MOOCs!

MOOCs are the abbreviation of Massive Open Online Courses, a concept that is being considered by institutes of higher learning. This is in order...


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