10 Tools and Services For Successful Business Presentations


Presentations and communicating ideas through attractive slideshows has become a necessary element of almost any successful business. And the effectiveness of a business presentation is determined by its style, design, structure and overall attractiveness. It’s a visual representation of information, and it needs to include creativity and attract positive attention.

Technology today has changed the game of how businesses present information. It’s no longer simple photographic slides, whiteboards and PowerPoint. We have advanced as a culture and society towards more digital and connected information. And there are many presentation-designing resources that are available online for free.

To increase your overall productivity it’s imperative that you simplify the process with the tools technology offers. To build effective and creative presentations, businesses need to know what will be most engaging and inspiring. You don’t have to spend hours trying to start from scratch; it’s okay to seek help.

Review the following list to gain access to unlimited tailoring and design options and begin creating better proposals, fundraising campaigns, project reports and much more today.

Creaza – Creaza offers easy to use features that are perfectly suited for young adults, teachers, business pitches and storytelling. Users can creative stunning slideshows and choose from a variety of templates. Creaza also offers editing features and online sharing ability as well and can be a great way to turn information into an effective presentation.
Plagtracker – No business needs to ruin their reputation by stealing someone else’s hard work. No matter what the presentation is for, always scan your work with Plagtracker’s unique algorithm to assure all material is 100% unique and properly proofread. Otherwise, you chance ruining your reputation and overall future business success.

Ninja Essays – This professional writing service is extremely useful for almost any type of business content or presentation creation. Their highly qualified writer’s offer personal, one-on-one assistance with any and all structure, editing and proofreading. And they work with tight deadlines, which are sometimes necessary in today’s competitive world of business.

SlideRocket – With SlideRocket users can upload existing presentations or choose to create a new one from scratch. The source offers comprehensive backend analytics, so you can track visitors who viewed or shared your presentation. And users can also embed their presentations on a web page, as well as share them via URL.

Prezi – This presentation-building resource is a wonderful way to make stunning presentations that stand out from the rest. Users can design engaging and interactive presentations and publish them online, or download them to a device. They offer a lot of unique features, free and paid, and are one of the best modern tools out there.

Prezentit – This new site offers a collaborative presentation-maker and the ability to share and work on slides remotely, no matter where you are located. This can be extremely important if you need to do work while out of wireless range or are unable to connect. And is the only option for business professionals who travel or work on the go.

Visme – This site offers infographic, presentation and graphic content creation assistance and drag and drop design features. Users can drag & drop objects like pictographs, charts and images into presentation slides, and adjust their dimensions according to specific needs. Presentations can be published online or shared with social and professional circles as well.

Vcasmo – This presentation building resource lets users include video files, as well as images, into presentations and offers three different account options; free, standard and professional. Users can support playback in browsers with Vcasmo as well, and optimize visual results for any mobile device.

Spresent – This tool offers business professionals the ability to create flash presentations with animation and other engaging visual effects. Users can import images to use from Flickr and YouTube and create truly inspiring visual representations.

SlideShare – This presentation-sharing platform allows readers to access basic presentation design tools, and the network also offers the ability to upload ready-made presentations. Businesses can search through featured and most recently uploaded conferences, and gain valuable insight into what their competitors are doing.

Review the listed sites and resources above and identify your specific business needs. If you are working in marketing or advertising, perhaps you want to design presentations with video options in mind. Or if you need to pitch and idea, use tools that offer easy access and creative displays of information.

No matter what you need to create presentations for, there is help available. And being able to identify your target audience is the first thing you should be concerned with. Once you know and understand your niche, subject matter and specific goals, you can begin to outline your presentation.

Once you have your outline and overall plan of attack nailed down, begin to implement some of these tools into your daily routine. You will save time, improve your impact and engagement, and definitely start to see improved overall success.

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience and also a blog editor at AskPetersen Writing Blog. His expertise includes education, marketing, freelancing.


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