From driverless cars to bendable devices, the technological developments prove that the future is going to be something which we have never thought of. In the past few years, we all have heard of many emerging technologies, i.e., supercomputers, AI machines, etc. As we know that we are approaching towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century, there will be a lot more technological trends to see in the upcoming time.

As technology is advancing at a very rapid rate, it will make you experience the most happening and landscape-changing trends. In this write-up, you will get to know about the most amazing technology trends of the upcoming time that will surely blow your mind.

  1. Autonomous Things

While artificial intelligence has been a consistent trend for the last several years, now is the time for autonomous things. Whether it is a car, a computer system, a plane, or any other machine, autonomous things make use of artificial intelligence. This technology is going to be implemented in robots, vehicles, drones, electronic appliances, and many more. Each of them has a distinct capability, coordination, intelligence, and covers different areas of the environment. For example, a drone will be operated in the air and at the same time, a robot will be assisting a farmer in the field.

However, they don’t have the same capability as humans for decision making and general learning.

  1. Augmented Analytic

Augmented analytic makes use of machine learning and natural language processing. Suppose you’re a businessman and you have to prepare and analyze a large amount of data regarding your business. Practically, it is impossible to do that. This means your business can miss key insights. At such time of crunch, augmented analytic comes into existence. It makes the work of data scientist easy.

By 2020, the number of citizen data scientist is going to be increased by five times than professional data scientist.

  1. AI-Driven Development

As the number of organizations is increasing rapidly, the need for AI-driven development is going to be raised by the same rate. AI enhanced tools and technologies will be utilized by application developers. With these tools. the developer can infuse AI based features in the application without involving data scientist.

This trend will lead to the production of more virtual software developers.

  1. Digital Twins

The idea of a digital twin is not new, it is of the time where the computer-aided design was used for online representations of things or person. A digital twin is nothing just a mirror representation of a real-life object, process, or system. For example, digital twin of a power plant or city. However, today’s digital twin is far different from the previous one in many ways:

  • It links to the real world in real time to monitor and control.
  • Advanced big data analytics is applied to gain better business profits.

So basically, digital twins are emerging to enable real-time monitoring in organizations to increase the efficiency of employees.

  1. Smart Spaces

Smart spaces are nothing like any physical space over mars or moon. Rather, it is just a physical or digital environment where humans and technology-enabled devices can interact. As technology has become an integral part of everyone’s life, it is important that everyone become familiar with it. Smart spaces have changed human beings from working individually to work together in an interactive environment with technology. An extensive example of smart spaces can be seen in the form of smart cities where people residing in buildings are using intelligent urban ecosystem framework.

  1. Digital Ethics

Awareness is increasing among customers regarding the value of their personal information. Enterprises that don’t pay attention to it are at risk of consumer backlash. Basically, digital ethics is the field of study related to the way technology is shaping everyone’s social, moral, and political existence. The government of every country is passing so many regulations so that organizations become compliant. Along with that, customers are also being guarded to provide their information carefully.

  1. Supercomputers

The number of mobile phone users is increasing rapidly all over the world than those who use a PC. As smartphones have the computing power and prices are falling as well, users will keep increasing. By 2025, 90% of the world population will have smartphones, even in the most remote area.

  1. Skin Implantable Mobile Phones

Do you always carry your phone in your pocket? Well, you need not to do in the future because by 2025 skin implantable phone will be commercially available. It will be designed to keep an eye over the person’s health more accurately along with the facility to communicate. Pacemaker and other health diagnosing electronic devices are already in the market, but very soon, we’ll see wide use of implantable mobile phones.

  1. Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars will bring too much ease and advantages for the drivers and will also increase the level of safety.

Famous tech companies like Google and Uber are currently working on this project, and according to their reports by 2025, 10% of worlds’ cars will be driverless. Before the roads get flooded with driverless cars, manufacturers are developing many safety plans because there are so many challenges in the way.

So, with the advancement in technology and too much investment, that day is not too far when driverless cars will be seen everywhere.

  1. Brain Microchips

Scientists from all around the world are working hard to design brain microchips. It is a technology which will connect human brains with the help of microchips. It will be operated with the help of programming codes and you can store data in it as well.

Chip designing company, Intel has already said that they will bring it to the market by the end of 2021. As per the survey, people have found it as the latest technology in the world. Everyone is eagerly waiting for it.

Technology is surely revolutionizing the world. Whether for commercial use or for personal, technology is becoming a part of everyone. Many organizations are trying to implement it in their workplace to ensure that the work gets completed more efficiently.

So, this was the list of some of the best tech trends of upcoming years. You guys will be able to experience all of them very soon and make your life easier than ever.

Summary: This write-up highlights the best upcoming technology trends that will take the world by storm.

About the Author: Mira Smith is a tech-freak and currently working as an academic writer at Global Assignment Help. She provides assignment writing services to students. In her free time, she loves to write poems