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The CFA Curriculum

The CFA study program encompasses many areas of the financial industry, as well as a strong emphasis on ethics and professional responsibility. As we've...

What Is the CFA Designation?

The CFA designation, or Chartered Financial Analyst, is a high-level certification for professionals in the areas of investment and financial analysis. The program...

Risk Management: Certification Curriculum and Exam Preparation

Becoming a certified professional in any field can be a rigorous process. Some designations require classroom study and preparation, while others simply require that...

Recognition and Standard of PRM, FRM, and ERP

It's very difficult to ensure that the individuals you hire into your organization have a recognized standard of knowledge, experience, and competency. You can...

Risk Management: PRMIA and GARP Certifications

Professional certifications are important to both the individuals that obtain them as well as the organizations in which those individuals work. In the financial...
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