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5 Tips to Make Learning Personal, Relevant and Meaningful

When I think about personalized learning experiences, I think of bedtime with my kids. In order to engage them in storytelling, we made the...

7 Tips to Ensure Attending an Out of State Training Course Goes Smoothly

If you’ve got an out of state training course coming up, then you’ll want to make sure that the whole process runs smoothly. Attending...

Need to Hire a Business Attorney? Here’s How to Do It

Caption: Having the right attorney can protect (and propel) your business more than you think Despite what TV viewers witness during popular courtroom dramas, litigators (who...

How To Land Your First Job?

Who doesn’t daydream of finding the perfect job right after graduating from college? However, the process of landing your first job can be a...

4 Reasons Why Learning and Development Should Play an Essential Role in Any Organization

They say that knowing is half the battle. In business, learning and development do have a measurable impact on the organization in multiple areas,...

The 3 Ms: MOOCs, Mobile, and Millennials

MOOCs, mobile, and Millennials—these three ideas often elicit some measure of discomfort in training and development departments, because while these three forces are greatly...

Video Production and Learner Engagement

The idea that video can greatly enhance learner engagement and retention in corporate training settings has been a recurrent theme on this blog. (If...

The undesirable impact of AI on white-collar jobs

Societal order and systems require that you get an education before you can be an upstanding citizen. Even more so, education is a fundamental...

8 Transition Tips For New Managers

Stepping into the role of a manager is both an amazing accomplishment and a daunting task. Your skills and smarts have brought you up...

Is Technology Good or Bad for Learning

Technology in education is one of the much-debated topics of modern times. Be it devices enhancing learning outcomes or the cons of increased screen...
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