Technology continues to change the way we interact with each other.

Thanks to the latest developments in communication software, human resources applications, and information systems, people are now able to work remotely as long as they have a stable internet connection. These innovations have provided countless opportunities to both employers and employees, and have paved the way for flexible work arrangements.

Now that most companies are starting to realize that they don’t need to own a physical workspace, traditional office setups are starting to fade out of the picture. Thanks to the benefits that a virtual office brings to the table, employees can maintain a good sense of work-life balance, while employers can easily overcome the challenges of handling an offshore team.

With global office culture heading towards this direction, going with the times is a must. Here are the main advantages of a virtual office.

  • Lessen your company’s expenses

Not having to pay rent, utility, and equipment will significantly lower your company’s overhead costs.

The money you’ve set aside will give you a lot more flexibility with your business decisions and can be used to fund your next big project. It will also lower the spending of your employees by letting them save from small, accumulated expenses such as transportation, food, and clothing.

  • Save time from commuting

Commuting every day to work can take up a lot of your time.

The hours and money spent on commuting can also significantly increase stress. Getting dressed up, preparing breakfast, and traveling to the office and back can already consume 2–3 hours of your employees’ day.

By eliminating the time spent on long hours of travel, a virtual office will allow your employees to allocate their time to more useful tasks. Not having to worry about traffic and waking up extra early will also give them more energy and flexibility as they go about their daily endeavors.

  • Optimize the productivity of your employees

Giving your employees complete control over their work will positively influence their performance.

Combined with flexible policies, a virtual office space will allow your employees to work according to their preferences. This easily provides them comfort and significantly improves their focus. Something as simple as standing up, changing tables, and pacing back and forth are things they can do at home to keep their creative juices flowing.

If you’re worried about distractions, investing in a task management software can help you monitor their performance and address points for concern if necessary.

  • Helps maintain your staff’s health

A virtual office will give everyone in your office the chance to be more active.

Researchers and health experts claim that sitting at a desk all day is just as dangerous as smoking. If your employees are confined in a cubicle, there’s a high chance that they’ll acquire an illness. Just to name a few, sitting all day is linked to notorious health hazards such as anxiety, heart disease, and cancer.

When your employees are working at the comfort of their home, they can move around freely without being a distraction to others and can quickly adopt an active lifestyle.

  • Allows you to hire more personnel

Your office size and location are the two of the biggest factors you need to consider when hiring staff.

With a physical office, the number of staff you can acquire is defined by your space. If your area can handle 20 employers, but your current tasks require the effort of 40, a virtual office will allow you to recruit seamlessly without any limiting factors. In case you need to meet up in person, setting a meeting every once in a while can help you align your efforts.

A virtual office will also practically allow you to hire anyone from across the globe.

A company’s location plays a significant role in the recruitment process. For companies that have a physical office, your best prospects may not find it ideal for working because you may be located too far from their homes. With a virtual setup, distance is no longer a defining factor and finding top talents can be done effectively.

Thrive in a Virtual Setup

Today, you can find a lot of businesses that are thriving from a virtual office.

The success of enterprises such as Amazon and Apple have made home-based businesses more acceptable. Social and economic trends such as the sharing economy continue to influence the way businesses to operate, and making good use of a flexible work setup such as a virtual office will give your company a head start in this rapidly digitizing world.

Establishing your company culture starts with your setup. Aligned with your organization’s vision and mission, adopting a virtual office will influence you and your employees to practice values that emphasize the importance of productivity, transparency, and individual wellbeing.

About the Author:

Regina de Rosario is from Arch Offices. With a solid background in conducting interviews with multiple candidates to identify the one with the most potential. Hired over 100 applicants for positions in dozens of industries and campaigns, at levels ranging from interns to upper-level management.

Excellent communication abilities, including written and oral, professional and interpersonal. Highly organized and is able to complete several complicated administrative tasks simultaneously.