Have you completed your MBA and have no idea what to do next? Or maybe you are just starting and want to be aware of your options? If you are considering completing your MBA, then keep on reading! We are going to be discussing 5 MBA career options that you can move into after completing your degree. In the whole scheme of things, there is a wide range of career paths that you could consider! But we are going to limit that today, and look at the five most popular areas.

Digital Promotion Services:

Digital Promotion Services is primarily favored by individuals who like to work from home! Using your MBA in a variety of digital services is incredibly popular and suitable for those that are interested in promoting products online through social media. If you think that you would enjoy moving into the digital world, some of your available career options may include:

  • Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotions Manager

Health Services:

Healthcare can be considered one of the most significant growing career paths in the entire world. It is something that most people consider moving into after completing their degree and is perfect for those that like to help other people. The most common Healthcare career that most people think about when completing their MBA is that of a Medical Practice Administrator. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, including hiring new workers, keeping stock maintained, and instituting policies and procedures. Other Health Service paths that you could potentially move into include:

Marketing and Sales:

If sales are more of your thing, your MBA could potentially lead you to a successful career in marketing. With another extensive career pool of options, you will surely find something to suit your needs. Some of the jobs involved in marketing could include:

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Management Consulting

Finance Services:

If you enjoy working with money, and large companies, then considering a job in finance might be the way to go! Accounting has a large pool of career options; there is often something to suit everyone’s needs. Positions you may be eligible for with your MBA include:

  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Officer
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Business Development Officer

Technology Services:

If you enjoy more tech-filled careers, there are plenty of career options for that too. With high salary packages and more jobs available, it is a career path that most MBA graduates seem to go down. Opportunities in this area include:

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Analytics Management

Although we have only looked at five areas today, there are many different job possibilities and options for you to look into when you have completed your MBA program. Remember always to do your research so that you can find the best career choice for you.

 Author: Peter McAllister

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