“Time is what we want the most, but what we use the worst.” – William Penn

Overall these years of having worked with different companies and people, not once have I come across a team of people who try to better their hands at time management. In fact, though the generation has changed and the skills and attributes have widened the one quality that most top leadership people and management still look for in their team is that of effective time management.

One might wonder why time management always has and always will remain a common trait for people working in the competitive environments, to which we answer that over the years, the competition has increased, people have become more skilled and knowledgeable and it is a given fact that even the job position and remuneration factor has increased, however, the one thing that has not increased is the number of hours that a day has.

We often come across people who say that if only there was more time, we could have done something better and more effectively. Then again there are those people who are unable to do anything irrespective of the amount of time given to them. Why is it that some people are able to do so much more with their time, whereas there are a few who always feel that they never have enough time at all? The answer to all these questions is one ‘effective time management’. It goes without saying that those people who make time their friend can do so much and definitely succeed. When you see some of the top management and leadership teams the one trait that they constantly highlight is that of time utilization and effective use of time in whatever that they do. So without losing any more time, we bring to you some of the tips that will help you shake hands with time and become more time efficient. Learn the art of time management with us, by keeping in mind these highly effective tricks of the time management trade.

ZERO IN ON AN AIM: “Aim for the stars and you will surely land on the moon”, this one quote has resonated amongst so many youngsters time and again. Most of the times people are unable to manage their time because they have no goal and aim in life. Time management is not a task that can be completed or considered single-handedly. The basic principles of time management are to first focus and decide on your goals which could be short term or long term as well. The moment you plan and zero in on an aim, it becomes easier to plan and work a schedule which can help you achieve your goals. The more set your goals are the more effectively will you be able to plan your time in a way that you can achieve them.

PRIORITY IS THE BASE: Have you ever wondered why the most effective managers till date work on a to-do list? After all how difficult is it to remember what all one needs to complete? Well, the truth is this that a to-do list is not so much for remembering what all needs to be complete, as much as it is to prioritize the order in which tasks need to be completed. It is very essential that when you work or for that matter even study, you give more priority to things that need your attention immediately. This will help you make sure that you complete everything and that too by keeping in mind the priority along with the time factor.

MOTIVATE AND KEEP GOING: How do successful people do what they do so successfully? Are they always go-getters? Well, the truth is that even the most successful people have their days of blue when they don’t feel like doing any work and are either sick or down in the dumps. The thing here is to keep yourself motivated. All those successful people always have ways to keep themselves motivated, no matter how lethargic they feel. You need to remember that you may miss out just one day, but that means 24 hours additional that you will have to put in to reach your goal. Self-motivation is, in fact, ranks the highest when it comes to time management.

TIME TO DELEGATE: Why is it that there are a leadership and management team and then there is a team of people who work under them? Trust us there is so much that the management team needs to get done, that sometimes to make it easy for them to complete their mountain heap of tasks the only way of doing it is by delegating to a team of effective people who can take on their load of work.  It is equally important for them to select and hire people who will be right for the tasks that will be delegated to them. At the end of the day what matters is whether singlehandedly is or collectively as a team how efficiently can all the tasks be completed within the given time.

KEEP THAT STRESS AT BAY: The biggest enemy of effective time management is stress. It is only natural that no two days are exactly the same, which means that there are those really good days when you are at your productive best, and then there are those days where everything will just seem to go haywire. When some people might say that stress in an only good amount of pressure that keeps you on track, however, the fact is that pressure if not controlled becomes stress which only makes a person lose sight of what is important and hence all the time management planning also goes into the drain. So keep all the stress away and you can ace your time management skills with ease.

There is no rocket science involved in practising and achieving time management, however, the truth is this that even after all the careful planning and strategies, people often are unable to master time management. The point is to first decide what your aims are and then plan everything else around it.

After all,

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” – Miles Davis

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