Most of us would love to develop our skills to make us even better at our jobs and progress further in our careers. Brushing up on your knowledge and training up on new skills may be a common New Year’s resolution but in reality those good intentions soon go out the window when the workload starts to pile up again.

If you want to learn new skills and develop yourself then you need to make time for it and to do that you need to work smarter and more efficiently. Here are 5 online resources that are helping employees to improve their performance levels and develop their knowledge on a daily basis.


This online tool is a great resource for architects, manufacturers, specifiers or any student of a construction based course as it helps them to identify the best products and materials for their projects through its building product search and comparison tools. They have a database of over 11,000 products to choose from and a blog that can be used a learning resource.


Padlet is a great time saving and organisational tool that will help both employees and students to organise their work better. You can use this online tool to brainstorm ideas with other members of your company or class, keep notes of important information for future reference and share your thoughts with others. It’s particularly useful if you are making presentations or teaching in a classroom environment as anyone sign up to it through a mobile device can access your information when you share your document as a record of the activity on your wall.


This one is for practicing professionals and students alike. Mapit is an online resource for accountants and accountancy students to study for ACCA and CIMA accredited courses. It uses mind mapping techniques along with past exam questions and tutorial videos to allow students to study online in their own time and at their own pace for accountancy qualifications that will progress them in their careers.


Pocket is a great online tool that can also be used offline. It’s particularly useful for employees with high workloads as it allows you to save articles, posts and any type of information you find online and read it another time. There’s also an app that you can download to your phone or tablet so that you can catch up on your training when you’re on the move, which is great for bus or train journeys.

iQuick Contract Maker

This app is aimed at freelancers within the construction industry such as tradesmen who can use it to create on the spot e-contracts so that they can seal the deal on the spot and save themselves from amassing a sizeable paper trail. In reality though this app can be used by anyone in within a sales environment meaning the time it saves you can be better spent on learning new skills and working on other areas of your job.

Are there any tools that you use on a daily basis that save you time in your job allowing you to spend more time on your development?

Author: Stuart Cooke is the Marketing Manager for Mapit, an online resource that allows accountancy professionals to further their careers by learning new skills and passing industry exams.


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