Everybody needs good writing skill either its education or business because writing is involved in the majority parts of our lives from educational assignment, CV writing, business letter to retirement letter. Great writing skill is a gift that helps you in getting good scores in educational task and helps you in your business aspects like writing a promotional material, sales letter and internal communication. With help of the writing skill you can communicate and send your message effectively to the receiver.

Five resources

  1. Websites

It is an era of internet where people look solutions to their every problem on internet. With the help of different websites you can improve your writing skills by reading the things and tips given in it.

One website BBC learning is an excellent resource for improving your writing skills where there are different videos, games, quizzes and tips which help user to master their writing skills. This website helps user to improve their grammar, sentence grammar, spellings and reading skill, all these stuff helps user in improvement of their writing skills. There are other websites like oxford university press, easy world of English, many things and others which help users in improvement of their writing skills.

  1. Application

Since the introduction of the smart phones people can take advantage of it by installing app which they can carry with them everywhere. People who are looking to improve their writing skills can take benefits from app made for writing skills. Apps are great way to learn how to write properly because you can carry them anywhere in phones and use them at any time when your mood allows you to. Apps like Popplet, Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus, Evernote, Grammar Girl’s App and Vocabology are great way to improve your written English as these apps will improve your vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and format.

  1. Books

You can improve your writing skills with the help of books that are especially made to improve your writing skill these book start from basic concept of writing and end with the advanced concept, once a user become expert of the book then one will be able to see that one’s writing skills have significantly improved. You will find books that will cover different aspect of the writing skills; some will cover grammar, spelling, vocabulary and their usage and others will cover story, essay, letter, application and poem writing skill. Books like Oxford dictionary, Wren and Martins English grammar and Bird by Bird instruction on writing and life.

  1. Internet Videos

With help of videos service on internet users can learn from the lectures available on these sites and improve their writing skills. Video service site like Udemy and Youtube are famous services site where a user can choose a lecture from any one and learn from them and improve users writing skill these lecture give you step by step guide and show you how it is done.

Video is the best way to teach somebody effectively and psychology confirms it with the help of Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory which says that people things by observation, imitation and modeling.

  1. English writing courses

By enrolling oneself into English writing courses one can improve its writing skills significantly as one will be mentored and coached by expert who will share useful tips and make you climb the ladder of English writing, after you will successfully climb the ladder your written English will improve massively. These courses will help you in mastering your grammar, essay writing, letter writing, thesis development and business writing skills. These courses are available online or at physical location, require some of your time and some of your cost but in the end you will benefit from taking these courses and become a better English writer. 


With the help of these resources one can improve his writing skills as they give user step by step way to improve one’s writing skills and teach them every aspect of writing from basics to advanced one can master all aspects of writing to improve his writing skills.  Having good writing skills help a users in number of different ways from educational institute where student can gain extra marks because of his writing skills to job where one has to sometimes write letters and applications. Administrative staff requires great English because it is the majority part of their job. With good writing skills one can express himself clearly.

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