5 Tips for being a Productive and Motivated Learner

Being a training and development trainer since last many years, I consider my success revolving not just around the learning and performance metrics, but also the people who are being trained and turned into a more productive entity for their respective firms. Here in this article, I would rather be shifting the focus from being trainer to being learner and we would explore how being a learner you can be productive and motivated for achieving your learning targets. In addition, it will also help all the learners to understand the fact that the learning and development is a two side process, one from the instructor or trainer and another from you; the learner.

Well, the point we would be focusing here is based on how you can increase your productivity and motivation being an e-learning professional. You possess the e-learning experience, skills sets and knowledge, which are characterized as the major elements for a successful e-learner. However still, do you possess the productivity that would enable you to make the best of you know? Even many greatest and most seasoned learners face productivity and motivation issue while being into a learning process. From the lack of motivational factors to hectic schedule that gets them meet deadlines on time, there are a number of things that can be a barrier in the way of being efficient with energy and time. Let me share with you some great productivity and motivational tips that would help you make the most of your learning.

  1. Focus on the goals and eliminate distractions

We are all regretful of being distracted from the goal at hand at one time or another. We might be answering a friend on a call, browsing social media sites, or starting catching up the happenings around, when we are actually supposed to be completely focused and working for meeting the deadline[1]. However, the point for being productive is based on concentrating on the major objectives of your deliverables, so that you have the chance to be on track and stay dedicated to developing the most effective eLearning experience for yourself. For this, you would want to eliminate all distractions that can come your way. For instance, if you feel it’s getting hard fgor you to focus on your training video because of the noisy surroundings find the peaceful spot or use headphones so that you can concentrate.

  1. Keep a comprehensive & structured work schedule

It is quite easy to get stuck in the work and remain seated on the computer for hours till the end. However, if you really want to be a productive and motivated learner, you must have a well-defined and structured work schedule[2]. While you might connect long working hours with productivity, let me clarify you that this is not necessarily the case especially if you are on the eLearning track as well. You must be having an organized schedule with a good blend of professional, learning and personal life, since this balance lets you get refreshed and ready to begin your day happily. You can take help of scheduling features of different apps like Google Calendar for tracking your activities and their status on auto mode.

  1. Split your learning schedule

You must have heard of the famous saying “slow and steady wins the race”. This is indeed a great tip for learners who have a hectic schedule and find it hard to allocate time to their learning sessions. Well, what I have always taught my students, who are mostly the corporate professionals, is that they need to split their learning schedule in small chunks and assign days to each of these[3]. If you think you would easily go through the piled up learning at the end of the  week, chances are you are  putting yourself in trouble, since it will feel like a burden and decrease your motivation. Plus, you never know you get stuck in some happening that day. It means the wastage of an entire week.

  1. Examining your learning outcomes

Unless you are sure of what value you are getting out of your course, you don’t feel motivated. Though, here the bigger part belongs to the trainer who needs to make learners feel motivated and more productive through various learning modes, yet there is some part on your side too[4]. Sit on a monthly basis and make points how the course helped you this month in doing different professional activities. Always give feedback to the trainer, so that in case if there is any gap, it can be filled without any wastage of time.

  1. Utilization of e-learning tools

Learning and training is getting technology savvy all over the world. Make sure you have the access to technology tools that can help you avail learning in the easiest and fastest manner, including mobile learning, video learning, simulation, emails, and discussion board etc.[5]. In addition, a portable laptop or netbook with the internet connection also helps you start off your session as soon as you get time, wherever and whenever.

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