A group of motivated employees will be the reason for success while the demotivated will take a company down. Of course, as an employee, it is difficult to stay motivated, focused and determined the kind of pressure which is built upon them.

Lack of holidays, free-time to spend with family and low wage makes them indifferent towards the company goals. You as the company CEO or HR have to come up with certain ideas to keep the employees on their toes so that company rises.

Some Famous Companies and The Employees Motivations Tactics

Have you ever wondered why everybody wants to work with either Apple or Microsoft? Apart from being utterly famous, they also provide many benefits to their employees and has enhanced employee motivation system. They know that happy and satisfied employees help in growing the company more. Let us go throw some examples:

  • Google – the company always provides small perks to its employees like free shopping coupons, yoga sessions, and games. Google believes that it is the ideas of common people will make this company expand and thus provides meeting cafes, big parks and a dog area where the employees get some fresh air outside their workplace, forget about work and get awesome ideas.
  • Microsoft – the major perk for staff motivation to work happily is their high pay. Microsoft also provides benefits of free food, medical insurance, some bills and heavy compensations.
  • EssayOnTime – a great place where you can find motivated writers who are well qualified for the customer’s demands. Their employees are only Ph.D. assignment writers that work with the interesting projects and assignments. This is probably one of the best motivation when you enjoy creative and interesting projects.
  • Bain and Company – employees chose this company over others like the ones mentioned above because of 3 things. The first thing is the availability of advancing in the career. Whenever you give them an opportunity to move forward, they will show their best to reach that goal. Good leadership and friendly behavior is the second thing that the employees found good. The last thing is the incentive provided by the company.

What’s more? Google seems to be on the rise in revenue generated from 0.4 billion USD in 2002 to 109 billion USD in 2017. This means their schemes are working!

5 Tips to Motivate the Employees

Coaching remains one of the most effective ways to motivate and educate a team towards better work performance. However, there are many other empowering tips for every entrepreneur. Following are some ways to motivate employees. Let’s check them together!

Tip #1: Don’t stop them from going up

As a company, if you want your employees to be happy then do not stop their career at any moment. There should be a certain drive to keep them motivated. It is of high importance to help your employees achieve higher positions in the company and provide better opportunities within the company. Such luring life and career opportunities will lead to positive results of work.

Tip #2: Provide offers

Every human being loves free stuff and gifts. Employees are no exception to this statement. Therefore, when you provide them free incentives or an offer based on work quality, there would be adrenaline rush that will propel them to work smarter and harder. Some offers free coupons for shopping or restaurant, health insurance, yoga sessions, sauna or spa. These all could be great motivation in the workplace

Tip #3: Pay them what they deserve

Of course, you have the responsibility to think about company’s profit and loss. Cutting of employee wage would look like a feasible option. It is not a good option for the company’s longevity.

At least give them minimum wage according to the legal policies or higher pay so as to encourage them. You may also have bonus systems like extra money for night shifts, festival bonus or new client bonus. This will propel the competition within the workers.

Tip #4: Let them breathe

You cannot make your workers work for 24 hours (long period of time continuously) and expect good results. They are not machines, thus, give them proper breaks between work and have office cafes or restaurant nearby. Either give one big break or shorter 2 breaks in one working day. You can provide free food to all your employees during breaks too.

Tip #5: Give them an importance

Your employees are as important as you. Without your employees, the company will collapse. Also, as Google says, some employee ideas might become a big reason for success. Therefore, include your employees in major decisions regarding the company. Listen to their ideas and let them put their argument forward and justify it. If you are the CEO, your task will be to take the right decision after listening to everybody and without any partiality.


Those are some basic tips to bridge the gap between you and your employees. They are an integral part of the company and thus form the foundation of its very existence. You may come up with other employee motivation ideas. You have to make sure they stay, work happily and stay motivated towards your company and career.

Author Bio: Emily Watts is a freelance writer. Since she has been a writer for years, She believes it’s a great idea to share some tips on motivation, what could be truly crucial for everyone. She is also addicted to learning something new, as her main aim is to motivate people for self-development.