As E-Learning became one of the most effective methods of learning, so you must know the ways of using this method for better education. E-Learning is a kind of procedure where you can produce huge materials to explore the subject. Apart from the production of enough study material, there are more fascinating aspects that can make a leaner eligible.

  • Here are some tips to modify your e-learning process:

  1. Communication: the fact is online medium connects you smoothly with many people around the world. You can collect ideas from this method. Stay connected with your classroom by the medium and gets as many updates as you can achieve. If your teacher is providing lecture online then you and your fellows can listen to that very carefully and then you can discuss that. The easy connectivity of online medium would give you a smooth space to communicate with your friends. Here the actual point of modifying e-learning born. “Engagement” is the main word that can be used for better education. Engage with the teacher, the students, and the learning materials through the online medium. Thus, you can collect many notes on your topic.
  2. Grouping: online mediums have innovated excellent opportunities for creating various groups. There are many applications to create groups for a better connection. You can use that idea for your learning. Create several groups to run the give-and-take procedure. The grouping method improves the student-teacher and student-student friendship deep. Thus, a community would be invented and students and teachers would be encouraged. Now, the prime task of this community would be discussing the topic related facts as many as they can. This process would make the environment very healthy for learning. It can encourage both the students and teachers.
  3. Audio Visual effect: in the online medium, you have a great weapon where you can mix the audio and visual. The thought is very useful for better learning. Convert your study material into the AV slides and watch the file whenever you want it. The AV method is one of the most important pedagogies of the modern era. It accelerates the brain for more. The AV procedure expands the brain’s capacity without any stress. While a person’s eyes and ears are completely engaged at one point, then the person’s concentration is being improved automatically. AV makes the learning more interesting as well.
  4. Gamification: this is another effective method of e-learning. Karl Kapp is the professor of Bloomsburg University provokes the gamification pedagogy. It means the game-based learning. He says that games are not the breaks. Games can be used to encourage the study.  A few years ago, Froyed spotted that students are losing the skills and retention, so a new type of pedagogy must be involved. Therefore, he created many games to modify the capacities of students. Many Universities are following his pedagogy nowadays. E-learning can be planned in the modern pedagogy as well. It would make the brain more skillful to gain more lessons.
  5. Mobile: the modern Android devices and other mobile devices are very effective for e-learning. Connecting the e-learning method with the mobile device is the obvious strategy of modification. Firstly, mobile can be carried, so you can start a certain time of study session anywhere. Secondly, mobile has more options for communication. The person can easily access through smartphones. Therefore, use of mobile is a valuable weapon.

Author Bio:

Rum Tan, a mastermind and the founder of Smiletutor – most Effective Way to Excel Academically and one of the major online tuition provider in Singapore. A passionate learner and loves to write and share the skill to improve the learning and improvement in the education system.