No matter what your business niche is, you’d better give your employees an opportunity for development and growth. It goes without saying that corporate training is a long-term investment that helps your company achieve success as your employees become more qualified.

Although there is a big variety of ways to train your employees, many companies rely on collaborating with mentors as it’s an actionable way to help your coworkers learn something new without the educational process. Mentoring is a process of advising and training when an experienced employee helps a new or inexperienced employee obtain knowledge.


To make the process effective, you need to work with a good mentor, and it’s not just about being experienced in the niche.

So, let’s find out who a perfect mentor is.

A perfect mentor has:

  1. Knowledge and Experience in the Niche

The main task a mentor has is to teach and advise people, so he or she should have expanded knowledge and more years of experience to be able to educate others.  The proper mentoring relationship doesn’t mean completing a task; it means guiding and explaining to achieve a better result. Thus, being proficient is a must for a mentor.

  1. Result-Oriented Attitude

Every mentoring program is aimed at teaching someone. When a mentor is result-oriented, the training process gets better as it’s easy to understand how to achieve results. The faster you teach, the better for the company.

  1. A Dedication to the Task

When a person is dedicated to something, it’s easier to achieve results as people do their best when it comes to accomplishing their goal. If a mentor wants to train someone, a dedication will help to do it faster, easier, and better.

  1. Good Listening Skills

Obviously, a mentor must be a good orator with great speaking skills to deliver a message. However, he or she should have good listening skills as well. When you train someone, you need to be ready for hearing questions and worries.

  1. Patience

A mentor has more experience and better knowledge, so most things seem to be easy for him to understand and complete. However, a mentee just starts learning, so it may take time and effort to improve skills, so a good mentor should have the patience to teach everything from A to Z, and repeat material if needed.

6. Responsibility

If a mentor decides to train a mentee, he or she is in charge of success. A good mentor should be responsible for his people, as it shows that the tutor is reliable. Once you’ve agreed to do something, you need to do it without excuses, no matter how difficult it is. A perfect mentor will never leave a mentee on his own with problems and questions.

  1. Inspiration to Share

More often than not, people need a mentor when they face difficulties. It goes without saying that having troubles reduces your productivity, so it’s highly important to know how to boost inspiration, and a good mentor should help to motivate and encourage people to stay positive.

Mentoring is a perfect way to improve your employees’ qualification and, therefore, help your company achieve a better result. However, you need to know who a perfect mentor is to make the collaboration perfect.


The Author:

John Cheek is an aspiring entrepreneur who runs Cops’nWriters website. He wants to create a perfect environment for his colleagues to achieve business success together.