How to Engage Employees? Top 5 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

We’ve all come to a point where retaining employee is now a challenging affair. Gone are those days when organizations had control over their employees, and in return, these employees would remain faithful with the same company for their entire career.

The era we’re now living in is an era where talent rises to the top, the invention of newer technologies, changes in the work culture, new business strategies, and a job seeker’s market. Job opportunities and a competitive job market are now giving employees the advantage of taking their career in full control.

If an employee feels mistreated today, they hop into another job without even thinking twice. Reason being, their options are open. They have the talent and grit to garb another job. For a younger generation who is accustomed to changes, mobility, specific values, and newer experiences will not stay for a longer time in an organization that follows mediocre work culture. Creating a positive workplace all begins by developing the right employee retention strategies.

Talent, no doubt is the biggest asset for an organization. When a good employee leaves, you’ll notice a low productivity rate, colleagues suffering from the increased workload and so on. Getting another employee on board can be an expensive transition adding to the training costs.

Having engaged employees is like building a strong and efficient workforce for the organization. It is the heartbeat of productivity for most businesses.

Below are a few helpful tips and employee retention strategies you must follow. A complete guide showing how to engage employees in this hypercompetitive job market: –

  1. Exciting perks

Offer exciting perks and benefits that will keep employees happy and engaged. Figure out what will help keep your employees engaged. Rather than wasting your time in finding out what will work best, ask them. It is one of the best strategies for leaders looking to crowdsource information from their employees.

  1. Practice engagement tactics

Beyond finding out the perks, surveys or engagement tactics can improve employee retention. A survey could be conducted every Friday which says on a scale of 1-5, rate how happy you are working with the company. Doing so will keep both the employer and the employee engaged. You can keep a track and have a one-to-one conversation with the individual.

  1. Offer flexibility

Different employees have different needs, and employers must understand this. Employees are most happy when they’re allowed to have flexible timings. Offering work from home is one of the many employee retention strategies most companies often get it wrong. Giving employees the flexibility to manage their work will automatically improve employee retention.

  1. Foster a purpose

Updating the company’s goals and sharing their mission with workers will have a larger purpose of the mission. If you do not have strong answers to these questions, you’re likely to lose employees especially the millennial generation. People look forward to understanding the company’s aim and the direction they’re looking forward to moving into.

  1. Create a day-to-day positive experience

Managers must consider all aspects of their team and their daily experience. For employees to remain productive, they first need to feel comfortable in their workspace. Making life easier for your team member will ease the pressure on workers. Employees should feel they’re at their best place to work, only then employees will be able to retain for a longer period.

Author: Ariaa Reeds