If you’ve got an out of state training course coming up, then you’ll want to make sure that the whole process runs smoothly. Attending an out-of-state training program is often unavoidable, and whether you’re looking forward to it – or looking forward to coming back home after getting it over and done with – there are several things that you can do to make sure that the experience runs smoothly and is enjoyable for you.

Whether you are traveling to the next state, the other side of the U.S. or even abroad, check out these suggestions to make an out of state training program easier to handle.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead a few weeks or days before you set off will ensure that you don’t end up getting caught by any surprises during your trip, you know exactly what to expect, and will find that you’re much less stressed out. If you’re traveling by air, for example, then booking your transport from the airport to your accommodation once you arrive can take a lot of stress off you after landing. If you’re planning to use public transport to get to your destination, spending some time researching travel times for trains, buses and subways will make it easier to navigate the system once you arrive.

Consider a Serviced Apartment

When it comes to choosing accommodation for the duration of your trip, a serviced apartment can often be a much more comfortable choice than a hotel room, especially if you’re planning to share with a colleague. Blueground, for example, offers a range of furnished apartments in Los Angeles with access to a wide variety of amenities (pools, gyms), and plenty of space with separate bedrooms, living area, and a fully equipped kitchen with everything that you will need for a comfortable stay. These apartments can be rented for as little as one month at a time, which is great if your course lasts a while.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

The last thing that you want is to be rushing around with minutes to spare when it comes to getting to your training session. So, give yourself plenty of time – if you’re attending a day session that starts in the morning, for example, then you might want to consider arriving at your destination the night before so that you’ve got some time to settle in, get used to your surroundings and get some sleep before heading out in the morning, rather than setting off in the early hours and arriving tired.

Be Prepared for Long-distance Travel

If your training program requires you to take a long journey on a train, bus or plane, then the best thing you can do is prepare yourself for long-distance travel. This is especially true if you are going to be flying for a few hours; the compressed air in the cabin can leave you feeling dehydrated and with dry skin, lips and eyes if you’re not prepared to combat the effects. Make sure that you take a good moisturizer, lip balm and drink plenty of water so you’re not feeling tired and lethargic from dehydration once you disembark.

Use Travel as an Opportunity to Catch Up on Work

If you’re not used to having much spare time to catch up on work, then traveling to a training course could provide you with the perfect opportunity to get caught up and get as much done as you can. You may find that the plane, train or even bus that you are traveling on provides Wi-Fi, making it the perfect opportunity to get caught up with emails, spreadsheets and keeping in contact with your team back home to finish projects. If you’re not going to have an internet connection on your journey, then take some time before you set off to plan the work that you can do without one.

Reach Out to Network Contacts Beforehand

If you’re visiting out of state for a training program and have some free time before or after your training session, this could be a good opportunity to network and meet up with contacts who you wouldn’t usually get to see on an everyday basis. Use LinkedIn, for example, to see if you have any contacts in your network who live or work in the area that you are visiting for training and ask if they would like to meet up with you for a coffee or lunch – it’s a great way to make new friends and could even help you with boosting your business or career plans.

Practice Self-care

Traveling out of state to a training session can be a stressful experience, so along with being well-prepared, it’s a good idea to do whatever you can to ensure that you continue practicing self-care for the duration of your trip. Take healthy snacks with you, and if you’re planning to stay for a few weeks, check out the options for exercising – even going for a brisk walk in the morning can help you manage stress levels and stay in control.

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