Did you know? A British study from the National Institute for Economic and Social Research says hiring your team internationally allows your business to become more efficient! You can worry about the skilled workers in your own country all you want but you can’t refute the claims of a government-backed study. We live in a society where the labor market has increasingly become international. If you are still on the fence about recruiting foreign workers, then you need to know these eight advantages to hire your team internationally now.

International Teams Are Easier on the Pocket

Businesses from the first world countries offer job opportunities that are far richer than offered in third-world countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, India, etc. These opportunities are attractive not only for the payscale but also for the chance to work with a company with international standards. Besides, the option to getting any income in itself is very attractive. All these circumstances culminate into the labor being cheaper. The low labor costs indirectly impact the business profitability.

Foreign Workers Are Properly Trained

For a country like the United States, nearly 14% of the overall population is made up of foreign workers, compared to just 5% in the 1960’s. The ageing population is on the rise and the younger population is not so talented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as businesses and companies want them to be. The high education cost doesn’t help the case either. And so, companies like you may have no choice but to hire experienced and trained foreign workers to get the job done.

Grateful for Dirty Jobs

The dirty jobs talked about here are the menial jobs. Citizens of the country don’t want to do domestic jobs. More Americans believe that immigrants strengthen the country. Traditional views and notions are changing. Working odd jobs, working in remote regions or during “anti-social” hours are not something skilled labourers of the country want to do. Offer them to foreign workers and it is a different ball game. If you need hotel staff, construction workers, drivers, nurses, experienced IT engineers then who do you turn to? Training unskilled people from within the country is expensive compared to cheap labor and practically no training cost involved in hiring foreign workers.

Large Scope of Network

You get many other benefits to having an overseas team working internationally. For instance, you have better networking opportunities. So if you wanted to expand your business or your reach in the foreign territory, you can do so easily. Your international team will give you credible information on the market and its demands. Besides, you also get a better understanding of the culture which helps you represent your brand better in a global setting too.

Open to New Challenges

Foreign workers are exposed to both countries of living and working conditions. The experience of diverse work cultures gives foreign workers an edge over local talent. The cross-cultural work experience helps your international team blend in easily. Besides, foreign workers are already working outside of their comfort zone. Therefore, just think how determined and resilient they would be to new challenges. If they can be a success working with a diverse work culture, then success can come easily to new work challenges too.

Higher Levels of Economy

If you look at a country like Oman or Muscat, over 90% of the workers are foreign workers. Whether hired legally or otherwise, your foreign workers enhance the economy. These are the workers who construct buildings, your hotel staff and trained nurses who work the graveyard shift. When there is more development within the economy, it more or less has an impact on the corporate income as well. This is true for the country from where you hire workers also. Your international team earns better wages and send money to their home countries. This boosts labor relations between nations too.

Increased Productivity

Working with a diverse workforce makes you think outside the box. Foreign workers mingle with different personalities and work outside of their comfort zones. This makes your international team adaptable to different leadership styles and teams. They are flexible and this kind of out of box thinking and flexibility is what boosts productivity. Your international team is motivated and ambitious. You can have them work independently or put them in diverse teams, either way foreign workers show determination and resilience to work under any circumstance.

Diversity is Key

More than ever, it is now that diversity plays a vital role in any business and economy. It is so necessary for companies to look at problems and think of solutions in a myriad of ways. You need fresh perspectives those different from what you were traditionally taught to think. Foreign workers come from a different background, culture and upbringing. The different work ethics and set of skills also add to your profitability. Diversity is key to success for any business nowadays.

Businesses need to compete globally and your team is expected to engage with foreign clients, investors and other stakeholders. You even have to think global and function in an international market. So, with the changing dynamic of the workforce means that hiring your team internationally makes most sense. Have you taken advantage of these varied and wide ranging benefits to hiring foreign workers, yet? How has it worked for you? Let us know in comments.

Author Bio: Alice Clarke is an expert in the field of marketing and recruiting. Follow her on Facebook

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