9 Best eLearning Websites to Grasp Knowledge of Programming


As the technology trends are advancing, computer programming is becoming the core competency of all kinds of work. Nowadays, many people hold the potential and have the chance to become an expert in many of the programming languages such as C++ and JavaScript. Now you don’t have to waste a lot of money on transportation and go to institutions for learning programming. The integrated institutions are just a click away from you. Want to have access to those institutions?

Here are the 9 best interactive platforms which will assist you in becoming a master at coding and programming:

  1. Codeacademy

It is one of the most popular online interactive platforms which help you to learn coding in 12 different programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript (AngularJS, ReactJS), API and Ruby as well as Markup languages which include CSS and HTML. An estimate of 24 million users has learned to code through this educational company. It has a helpful, functional and easy to use interface. The courses provided are well structured.

  1. Khan Academy

It is a non-profitable and online learning institution established in 2006. Its motive is to create an accessible platform for everyone particularly novice and amateurs. There are short YouTube video tutorials on programming animations, drawings, games using JavaScript and user interactions with coding. These videos are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 license.

3. CodeHS

It is a comprehensive teaching platform which is mainly dedicated to assist the schools in teaching computer science. It focuses on providing simple programming lessons for the students which include animation, data structures, problem-solving, game design and JavaScript. It helps the students in developing solid thinking skills to solve the problems like a programmer.

  1. Coursera

Coursera was founded in 2012. It provides access to the best education of the world by partnering with the top universities and organizations in order to provide massive free online courses (MOOCs). It was estimated in May 2015 that it offered 1,000 courses from 119 institutions. It has an approximate of 15 million users. There are a number of introductory programming courses offered for free but for certain programs, you have to pay to get a certificate. The university partners include the University of Stanford, University of Washington, Princeton University and the University of Toronto. Some of the CS programs offered include data structures and Algorithm, and Introduction to programming through MATLAB.

5.  Udacity

It is a for-profit educational organization launched in February 2012.  It offers massive open online courses (MOOCs). It has an estimate of 1.6 million users. It is the fusion of improved quizzes and insightful video lectures in order to build interaction with the students.  It covers a range of advanced courses for the beginners. It also offers Nanodegree programs and certificate oriented courses. The free courses enhance your credibility through flexible learning.

  1. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a fun and interactive platform for learning programming courses. It will teach you the coding of games, websites and apps through using CSS3, HTML and JavaScript. The duration, of course, may vary accordingly. It offers courses in a variety of languages, for example, English, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. It is carefully crafted by prioritizing the comfort of beginners.

7. Code School

Code School strives for teaching with the help of coding challenges, screencasts and video lessons. It provides in-depth knowledge of the courses which can turn you into an expert. It is considered visual appealing and engaging to the people. It provides the facility of engaging instructors to assist you throughout your course. The courses offered are of many programming and markup languages such as HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, Python, Database and Git.

  1. TreeHouse

The courses offered at TreeHouse are perfect for the novice programmers who have a planned purpose for example of building an application. It has an estimated 171,000 users. It lets you learn coding and the construction of website and app. Its objective is to bring affordable technology to everyone around the globe. More than 222 courses are offered at TreeHouse. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $25 to have an access to all courses with 650 plus videos.

  1. Udemy

It is an online learning platform that can be used by professional adults to enhance or gain knowledge about the job skills. It was founded in 2010. It also provides a platform for the experts to create courses to be offered to the public, either free of charge or at some tuition fee. It is teaching an approximate of 42,000 courses with the help of expert instructors. There is a mixture of free and charged programs available. The free programs include Introduction to Python Programming.

Programming is the procedure in which algorithm is taken and encoded in a programming language in order to get it executed by the computer. Learning programming has a lot of benefits. It allows you to create your own website, become a career coder or start a business. Therefore, you should strive to avail the opportunity of these websites instead of procrastinating.

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