Are you a leader and have been one for quite some time? Although recently are you noticing any change in your leadership qualities and can observe a change in your impact on the people working under you in your team? There is nothing to worry about because change is constant and the world constantly faces change in different situations. However, the thing to keep in mind is that positive change is great while the negative change should be observed keenly and analyzed to troubleshoot the cause and then fix it appropriately.

The process of learning never stops nor should it stop because the world is a big classroom and there are countless things to learn. It is humanly impossible to learn everything at once and then left with nothing to learn. Even if you are a leader of a certain group or community of people, there is a lot of things to learn further to enhance your abilities and skills. The top most important thing is to know your habits or behavior which can affect your leadership abilities and duties. If you don’t know the root cause behind the downfall in your leadership skills then you would not be able to solve it either. Following are some of the habits or practices that sabotage your leadership skills.

Getting Limited to Others’ Definition of Success

Success is a relative term and every individual has their own definition for it. It is very important that you know what really success is for you. You cannot get limited to someone else’s definition of success. According to the professionals at AGradeEssay, if you limit yourself to someone else’s definition of success, you will never be able to get the satisfaction that comes with achieving success. Even when you achieve the level of success according to someone else’s definition, you will not get that sense of contentment and happiness that comes with success. When you are not satisfied yourself, no matter how perfectly the work is being done by your team, you will never find the perfection that you want.

Not Taking Your Goals Seriously

It is very important for a leader to take his goals seriously and work for them religiously. You cannot be a true leader if you haven’t a set of proper goals that you want to achieve. It means that you have no proper direction and no destination to reach. Set goals for yourself and work for them by putting in all your efforts and passion. You need to set an example for the people who look up to you as a mentor and by taking your goals seriously, you can show them why hard work is important.

Procrastinating and Getting Bored

The top leaders do not have any spare time to get bored or procrastinate. If you think you are spending too much time on social media unnecessarily, you would want to fix this habit as it is not at all healthy for your leadership qualities. True leaders are always in search of knowledge and curious about the world. They are always trying to learn new things instead of procrastinating or getting bored and are unapologetically dedicated towards their passion.

Not Taking Care of Yourself

Self-care is essential to become a true leader. Neglecting your health would not do anything good and would rather make you weak to conduct daily activities effectively. Health includes both the mental peace and contentment as well as the physical fitness. Make sure you are taking a proper diet which fulfills the nutritional needs of your body properly. Similarly, try to engage yourself in healthy stress releasing activities or your favorite sports to have a peaceful mind as well which eventually boosts creativity and tolerance to become a good leader.

Not Respecting Boundaries

Every person has specific boundaries and it is important for you to respect them. You should know the difference between reasonable expectations and impositions. If you are the type of leader who imposes orders on others, then you are definitely not a good leader and your juniors would absolutely hate you. Learn to know and respect your own boundaries in order to stay on the track and also respect the boundaries of others to build a friendly and understanding connection with the team.

Having the Concept of Being Capable of Doing Everything

To err is human and not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. Leaders who think that just due to their position they are capable to anything and everything make a huge mistake of not only ruining their own peace of mind but also the relationship with their colleagues. It is okay to be poor at something and a true leader surrounds himself with other people who can compensate for their weaknesses while they excel at their strengths.

Always Looking for External Validation

You must be self-sufficient when it comes to validation and satisfaction. If you look for external appreciation and validation constantly, your satisfaction and abilities to perform well will completely start depending on external factors. It will ruin your thought process and professional skills. Therefore, always be your number one fan and supporter instead of looking for validation in the outside world. Successful people certainly don’t care about self-promotion and are rather fully invested in doing their own thing.

Not Letting Go of the Past

Holding on to the past is the most destructive thing for a human being. Successful people take a lot of fierce and uncertain decisions throughout their lives and not all of those are the right decisions. However, it is important to let go of them by learning from the mistakes and improving them in the future. Instead of holding on to one bad decision and then ruining your entire performance due to that, the wise thing to do is to learn from your mistakes and improve it for future practices.

Waiting Instead of Taking an Action

The worst thing you could do for your success is to wait for the situation to get in your favor instead of taking an action to make it possible. Successful people never wait for opportunities to be served on a plate, instead they go and grab it. If a situation doesn’t seem suitable to you, the right thing to do is to put in your efforts and make it right for you. Wasting time in waiting for the right time is impractical and not the right habit to be a true leader.

Completely Ignoring the People they Love

Lastly, regardless of the load of work and duties, successful leaders have their priorities straight when it comes to their loved ones. They have a clear understanding of the fact that human connection comes before materialistic success. If a human being fails to prioritize his loved ones rightfully, no amount of professional success and career growth would make him happy. You must be capable to draw a vivid line between your family time and work time. There is no harm in working overtime SOMETIMES, because hard work and energy are the two main components of success but that should not become a permanent situation completely neglecting your loved ones.

Success does not come overnight and there are a lot of things that need to be put at stake to achieve it. However, people who are truly passionate about their goals and objectives in life don’t hesitate to work hard and achieve what they dream of achieving. Successful people need to have a proper professional approach towards their career and life in general in order to maintain the position they are at. Discussed above are the few significant habits and practices that sabotage the leadership qualities and abilities to achieve success. You must keep a lookout for the mentioned points in your personality to avoid losing your hard earned position of authority. Rest, keep working hard with dedication and there is absolutely nothing in the world which could stop you from reaching the heights of success.


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