How many of you think that your circle of influence needs to be expanded? Building a professional network is incredibly important as you get to know about the skills that are essential for you and possibly take steps to learn them. For this, first it is important to understand that a good networking needs proper planning. Only a strategic step-by-step approach will let you gain a networking circle that can contribute towards your personal as well as professional development. You should know that networking is not easy, and it will require responsibility handling attitude and activeness simultaneously. And when it comes to business networking, it is not about whom you connect to, but about how influential their presence is.

Yes, you’ll make mistakes initially, but eventually learn, and have a network that you’ve aimed to build. Here, the question is how can you do so? For this, read this write-up to the end and know about some of the tips that will help you in career development through business networking.

So without further ado, let the learning begin!

Be ready to volunteer

If you are sincerely looking forward to building a reliable and meaningful networking circle, then always be ready to help others in your group. However, do not offer to assist in any task which you are unsure of completing as taking charge of something that you are not capable of doing will form your negative image which will become hard to get off. In case you think that you’ll be able to learn some new things while helping an individual, you should approach him/her and convey about your interest and nil experience in the field. If circumstances favor, you might get to learn exceptionally new things along with being a helping hand to someone in your network.

Don’t be invisible

No one knows what you are up to and what all you are planning about. You’ll have to maintain a regular and consistent contact with your circle if you need help from them. However, do not be a creep or a stalker; if someone is not interested in joining your circle, then do not force them. The interests of every individual are different, and (s)he might not find your circle appealing enough. This is totally normal, and should not discourage you from approaching new people for growing your circle.

Listen to what others have to say

In most of the cases, it’s seen that people love to talk about themselves. If you too love the same, then you’re nowhere wrong! But if you lend your ears to others, then you’ll get to know about the challenges and victories of their life. This helps you to understand them better and establish strong & healthy relations as well. Moreover, if you take a genuine interest in listening to the people, then you’ll automatically become more likable. Asking open-ended questions is also one of the several ways by which you can keep the conversation rolling.

Take criticisms positively

It is an inevitable fact that when you indulge in learning and completing new things, you are likely to make mistakes. Well, this is not a sin! If your circle already has some skillful people, then you might be corrected for your mistakes. In this process, you will get a lot of negative feedback and criticisms, and instead of getting annoyed take the responses positively. This will not only help you learn in a better manner, but also fuel your growth.

Think about your long-term goals

Your circle can become an open-end of opportunities if utilized accurately. You’ll have to understand that business relationships are not built in a day, you’d be required to be patient and be in contact with others consistently. This will certainly yield positive results in the end.

Maintain decorum

In a business circle, your behavior and reaction to the different things will have a huge impact on who all will join your circle. So, mind how you behave and react while you’re socializing with your business network. However, do not stay reserved and pretend something that you are not as it may have an adverse effect on your network/circle.

Networking is no less than an art, and if you master this, you’ll develop and grow exceptionally; something that you’ve been yearning for long!

Now that you are well aware of the tips, do not just sit back. Implement these and build a strong business network before it gets too late!

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Alfonzo Nelson is an academic writer working at Instant Essay Writing and has been helping the students with their essay writing tasks for long. Presently, he is indulged in writing about what students should learn to build a successful business network.


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