These days companies are transforming digitally where employees their actual learning after being employed, for which they develop skills, required for finding and retaining knowledge because the work environment changes very quickly.  With the help of microlearning, they can learn skills they require every day.

In this era, companies are tailoring its program to help employees work better and in future both employees and employers after comparing career plans and performance goals, they both make an individualized program, which benefits both. Employees can work on what they lack very efficiently with the help of microlearning.

Informal learning with microlearning

In digital learning, microlearning is becoming popular day by day; it helps people in improving their weaknesses. In the microlearning, we break a big piece of information into many smaller parts of information; with it, there is no information overload and receivers easily understand information.

Informal learning is the knowledge that we gain through our experiences like learning how to drive a car. In informal learning, we are in control of what we want to learn in contrast to the formal learning where a leader teaches us the way he or she wants us to even when we are not ready; this is the reason why in informal learning we learn more than we do at formal learning.

In microlearning, we learn when we require to and in informal learning, we learn when we want to so both compliments each other.

Benefits of informal eLearning

Informal learning in a work environment is great because we learn it a very long time and use it in the future as well.  All of this possible because of technological development, which has made it easier and quicker to learn when we want to.

The benefits of informal eLearning are

  1. Informal learning is full of motivation because a learner itself chooses it.
  2. It is well suited for learner because it consumes less time.
  3. It does not require any previous knowledge just motivation.
  4. Learner does not get bored because he or she is the one who is interested in learning.

70, 20 and 10 model

There is a famous model “70, 20 and 10 ratios” model, which claims that 70% percent of the learning is by doing a job, 20% is informal learning and 10% is formal learning. Offices are spending the large chunk of training budget on formal learning program where according to the model; employees will learn 10% of the things taught to them.

We have seen that technology sectors are working very hard to help formal learning but this sector is concentrating on the wrong place area; it should put its concentration towards informal learning and on-the-job learning because this is the area, where workers learn the efficiently and effectively.

What wrong steps are companies taking?

When we know that employees understand informal learning easily at the time and place of their need, which does not interrupt their work, then why do companies still concentrate on formal training?  At formal training employees, do not retain the knowledge for longer so this is the problem, which companies are not solving and keep investing in formal training.

Microlearning, the solution for companies

With the help of microlearning, it can improve the output and the performance of company because in microlearning companies give small amounts of knowledge related to their so employee’s productivity and performance increases.  It is also the quickest way train employees for a specific project.

In microlearning, first corporate trains you and give you small information then ask you to apply it in your work and when employees apply them on their work so it lasts forever in their minds. It is a part of everyday activity because every day we learn something in the office but if the company also uses this technique to teach so it can give many benefits to the companies.

It is the choice of the employee, how he or she likes to learn, from which method they want to learn and whenever they want to learn in exciting ways. Employees are in the driving seat of the learning process so they have complete freedom in it so they enjoy this freedom and it does not even consume much time. With the help of microlearning, they can build additional skills, which can help them in the future also.


With the help of technological advancement, companies can improve their learning and development programs; companies should change their spending policy on training, where they spend a heavy chunk of money in formal training. Companies should take benefit of microlearning by using it to help train employees in required areas when they want. With the help of it, it can improve its own performance and employee’s performance.

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