The market today is hyper-competitive and if you want your company to excel, you need to keep coming up with new and innovative solutions to stand out from the crowd. Communication with your customers is key to building good relations. A good customer service often takes a company to scaling heights. Focus on providing instant customer service to your customers when they have urgent questions or any other technical queries. Customers do not only hope that their company will respond quickly, they demand it. A satisfied customer can in turn result in more referrals and positive reviews on social media, which will help boost your business. SMS or text messaging is an effective way to take your customer service to the next level. SMS messages have shown a 98% open rate and prove to be very powerful.

SMS Messaging for Business

SMS messages are used by more than 4 billion people across the globe. 90% of SMS messages are opened up and read in the first 5 minutes of receiving. This means that SMS messages have instant customer engagement. Emails, on the other hand, have only 20% open rate in the first 5 to 10 minutes of delivery. This platform is also very flexible. You can easily customize your messages, send them to individual recipients and even to customer groups on your subscriber list. Receiving incoming SMS messages is absolutely free and companies can send SMS to anyone on their list. It not only makes it possible for you to communicate directly to your customers but also allows you to get more data about your services.

Easy Tips for Providing Excellent SMS Customer Service

Adding another form of direct communication to your business makes you more accessible to your customers and allows you to generate more data about your services. Here are a few ways to get started.

  1. Ask for Feedback from Customers if they are Satisfied

Once you have rendered your services to your client, request them to send their genuine feedback. By using SMS polls, you can ask your customers to pitch in their experience and rate your service. If a customer is unsatisfied, generally only 1 out of 26 complain. This way, you can improve your customer service experience in the future.

  1. Allow Communication between Customers and Businesses

Many companies earlier did not provide an open line of communication between a customer and their business team. But now companies are having their own call centres where customers can seek to resolve their problems quickly. When it comes to sorting out a dispute, 78% customers prefer to talk than message. But you can use your SMS service to update them after their conversation. This will entrust more faith in them.

  1. Send Reminders for Appointments

If customers have taken appointments with your company, sending SMS message reminders will not only remind them about their meeting but also showcase your professionalism. Such SMS alerts are appreciated by customers in between their hectic daily schedules.

  1. Use SMS to make updates on personal information easy

Customers do not like to be called by a wrong name. Instead of taking down personal information on phone, it is better to update customer’s personal information via simple message texts. Provide SMS facility to your customers so that they can update their information easily.

  1. Use SMS to Share Promotional Codes and for Sending Digital Receipts

Customers love it when they receive promotional codes or discount coupons via SMS alerts. Also, you can send digital receipts via SMS so that you can have a proof of your transaction all the time. This enables making enquiries about returns or any such other queries very easy.

SMS messaging has a lot of impact on your customer service. If used wisely, it can help you gain your customer’s trust and future business potential.

Author Bio: Susan Raj, Marketing Head of TXTImpact provides Text Messaging products for marketing and support customers to increase your client base. Our Enterprise Text Message Marketing Platform designed for your business, allows marketers to communicate and engage customers on the go instantly.