According to statistics, the eLearning industry is expected to hit the $37.6 billion mark by 2020.

eLearning courses online are important in today’s fast-growing world and many professionals from all sectors have opted to partake these courses to become better by advancing their skills and knowledge.

The greatest thing about eLearning courses is that contrary to full degree programs can equip a person with specific information about a topic. Online courses are also flexible when it comes to scheduling. Another greatest thing is that you can learn these courses from your country. You just need to enroll online and a professor or instructor will take you through the entire course in an interactive manner.

Online business courses cover the overall business aspects such as finance, accounting, and management among others.

Currently, there are lots of online courses available through platforms like Udemy, Coursera, edX and more. Whether you want a course to learn about academic writing, blogging, IT, business, you can get everything on these platforms.

If you are wondering how and where to partake eLearning courses online, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, I will share the top eLearning courses online particularly for corporate as listed in the cheap writing services platform. I hope you will be able to choose the one that suits your professional goals and needs.

Let’s get started.
Tips To Choose the Right Online Course for You

Finding the right eLearning course is one thing and getting the right one is another. Enrolling for a course that does not suit your professional goals and needs can be frustrating in the end. With hundreds of thousands of online courses, how can you find the right one for yourself?

Use these tips to choose a course that suits your needs and goals.

• Decide what you want from the course
The first step to choosing a course is to decide what you want to achieve from the course. Do you want to boost your skills? Do you want to advance your knowledge? Do you want to enroll for to the course to pass time? Do you have the time to partake the course? What topics are you interested in? This should be the first thing to establish before you start looking for a course.

• Pick a topic that you are interested in
Well, chances are that there are topics that you already know about, but your aim should be to take a topic that you are interested in. Remember, you are investing time and possibly money on the course. Also, ensure it is possible to apply the knowledge you obtain from the course as soon as possible.

• Do enough research
Once you have enough idea of the course you want to take, take some time to research more about it. This way, you will be able to learn more about it before you start learning.

• Read the course description thoroughly
It is very important to take some time to read the entire course descriptions carefully. This way, you will be able to understand the course deeper, know about the syllabus and what follows the course at the end. Also, this is the best step to know who the course is meant for so that you know if it is right for you or not. The online world has tons of courses for people with no experience of a topic to professionals. You need to pick a course that matches your experience.

• Enroll in the course
Once you have decided what you want from the course, you have picked a topic, done enough research on the topic, you’ve read the course descriptions thoroughly and you are satisfied with the course, you can now start learning.

Top eLearning Courses Online

Business Foundations Specialization

Business Foundations Specialization is an online course available on Coursera and is meant to equip you with basic literacy in all business terms and languages. The knowledge you obtain after taking this course will help you to start or improve your small business or enroll in a business school to further your career.

There are 6 courses namely; Marketing, Financial Accounting, Managing Social and Human Capital, Introduction to Corporate, Introduction to Operations Management, and Wharton Business Foundations.

All these courses are administered by professionals who are experts in their fields of specialization. At the end of every successful course, there is a hands-on-project which upon completion earns you a Certificate.

Business Analytics Specialization

Another course that is also available on Coursera is Business Analytics Specialization that helps you understand how data analysts utilize data when it comes to undertaking crucial business decisions especially in areas of human resources, marketing, operations, and finance.

This course will also equip you with basic data knowledge as well as analytic knowhow that can help you to use data to make calculated decisions. The course is suitable for all business professionals and people with little or no analytics knowledge.

Business Analytics Specialization is administered in 5 courses namely; Customer Analytics, Operations Analytics, People Analytics, Accounting Analytics, Business Analytics Capstone. At the end of the courses, you will be able to apply the knowledge you have obtained to interpret a real-world data set and come up with appropriate strategic business decisions.

How to Start Your Own Business

Another eLearning course available on Coursera is How to Start Your Own Business.
Ever dreamt about starting your own business? Well, almost everyone in this era dreams of running their own business but knowing the implications of starting a business is important than starting one.

In fact, with many businesses failing within their first year of inception, it is crucial to equip yourself with all the knowledge in order to make an informed decision. This course was introduced by Michigan State University and equips you with an entrepreneurial mindset, creation of a business plan, generating business ideas and developing a business model.
It has 6 courses namely; Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset, The Search for Great Ideas, Planning, Structure, Launch Strategy, and Capstone. The courses take three to seven weeks to complete, but you can choose the one that suits your needs.

How to Start Your Own Business is suitable for those people who want to be their own bosses by starting their own businesses.

Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization

Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization will equip you with skills to effectively lead people and manage organizations. You will also learn the tools that are necessary when it comes to analyzation of business situations.

The course covers the fundamentals of everyday leadership, day to day leadership practice, designing the organization, managing the organization, business and corporate strategy, strategic leadership, and management.

Final Words

There you have it; tips to choose the right course and a list of 4 eLearning courses online. Note that these are not the only courses out there but they are the best when it comes to maters to do with business. I hope this article will serve as an inspiration and will guide you as you choose your online course.

Author Bio:

Author Bio: Tiffany Harper is a talented writer from New York, an extremely active woman, and a real leader. She began her career as a journalist and later proceeded it as an educational writer and editor. Now she works as an experienced freelance writer with cheap writing services, mostly in technology, business and education area. Please do not hesitate to contact her on Google+ or Twitter.

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