Organisations and companies around the world are putting in great efforts to enhance or improve their customer’s experience and therefore convert happy customers to improved business results. And, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one such tool that helps organizations work towards this goal. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full scale customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed to measure, formalize and improve an organization’s customer servicing, marketing and sales processes.


Getting trained in Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules can open up multiple career avenues in the CRM industry for an individual. Used by majority of the multinational companies, an MS Dynamics CRM training offers a wide range of lucrative career opportunities. Some of the career profiles for which training can be undertaken include Senior Executives & Administrators, End Users, Project Managers, Business Analysts, etc.

So which are the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2017 training companies? Here are 4 of the best ones.

4 best MS Dynamics course providers

Microsoft recommends getting trained with their authorized trainers only. These training companies are authorized only when their training company is able to meet certain parameters set by the software giant themselves. These brands have highly trained professionals who have undergone rigorous training themselves so as to deliver the best.

Since, the companies are bound by contract, they cannot indulge in any such practice that maligns the image of the software company. That said, one can invest in getting trained in such companies with the surety of learning what they’ve been promised in the course module.

If you’re looking for a credible Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Course, here are four of them you can consider.

  1. Koenig Solutions – Koenig Solutions is one of the most popular trainers for Microsoft courses and has received a number of awards from the software giant for its efforts in providing the best training. This training company has IT professionals coming from over 50 countries worldwide and has been reviewed pretty well.
  2. Firebrand Training – Firebrand is known for its quick turnaround time (TAT) courses and therefore considered by many IT professionals having said time is a constraint with working professionals.
  3. New Horizons – This training company is one of the oldest in the industry and boasts of good trainers. The company also offers multiple training style choices ranging from classroom to online.
  4. Knowledge Woods – Knowledge Woods also stands among the best Microsoft authorised training companies and has been reviewed well. The company boasts of well-equipped practical labs and comprehensive course ware that translates to a better learning experience.

So, where did you get your training on MS Dynamics CRM 2016? Do you have better trainers to suggest for 2017? Post your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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