Some of my last few articles have been quite learner oriented, while this post talks about corporate trainers and development professionals. Training is no more a thing that revolves around traditional paradigms; rather it includes amazingly innovative and more fruitful technological tools and smart strategies that we could only think of in the past. In this post, I would be sharing the concept of game changing training and how the corporate trainers and professionals can turn their sessions into the most successful learning experience. It happens just once a year when baseball players get a chance for the fresh start. They can rid themselves of the sting of painful losses of last season. They can also control the heightened expectations and high egos that come along with the role of reigning champion. The same goes for the businesses and professionals, aimed at training their employees enough to not just cover the past losses but also enable them to be ready for the potential opportunities. Let’sdiscuss the pros of developing a training program and make it a real game changer for your business.

  • Going back to the fundamentals

Being business leaders, you get into the habit of emphasizing on outcomes so much that you often neglect the basic principles that initiate those results. Game changing training is more than just winning and losing. With setting effective and realistic parameters, defining the training content clearly in terms of both business goals and learners’ preferences, and incorporating game based elements for reinforcing rewards and learners’ motivation; trainers can dissect the building blocks of the game.

The questions here to consider are related to what fundamentals influence your end game? Is your brand strategy functioning well? Are you able to target your customers effectively? Do people have interest in whatever you are offering? Surely, you would have tackled these questions at the time you launched your business, but effective training norms of today require you revisit them.

  • Acting like a rookie

You must have heard a popular baseball adage, “Play like champion, train like an underdog”. Be sure that in trainings, nothing is guaranteed. Professional corporate trainers must earn playing time and prove they can fit all the learners within. Trainers must think of giving it their all since there might not be a next time. Being a business owner who trains employees on a frequent basis, you have many opportunities to make your employees shine among a sea of budding prospects.

  • Making technology friendly

Technology is growingly the essential element of every aspect of our work, in every industry and managers must be updated with latest developments in order to pull the benefits to learners (employees) and business profitability. A number of businesses now realize traditional courses and training sessions as too disruptive to the business while other proactively go after budget cuts in outside training and traveling cost linked with these traditional modes. One of the most popular and increasingly widespread tools for game changing training is MOOCs.  I have talked about it a lot in many of previous posts since online courses enable managers to extend a lot of courses on offer to respond to new and changing training demands in a faster way. It’s not about overlooking traditional mentoring completely, but blending the both to reap the double benefits. Online courses and MOOCs are now available for effective e-learning and offer much more rather than just opportunity to save costs through lesser travel time and expenses.

New tools like social networking and web 2.0 applications are rising to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration prior to, during and afterward the training sessions. They can also promote reflective learning, iterative developments on business projects, application of techniques learnt and reinforcement of information gained in the training.

IBM’ paper “The enterprise of the future”, published in 2008 is based on the interviews and thoughts of CEOs across the globe. It suggested that in order to enhance the ability of the workforce to adapt to change, businesses must consider measures including collaborative tools like wikis into work processes that is based on individuals distributed across various locations. Another recommendation is based on having elevated collaboration to major competencies by including it into learning and recognition and performance management efforts.

Gartner had projected by 2015, 90 percent of the world’s business would be using open source software. This software differs from freeware and shareware and can be defined as both the idea and application of making program source code openly accessible. Developers and users have access to the major designing functionalities which enable them to add or modify features to the source code and redistribute it. Deploying resources by developing a central place where both trainers and learners can create handle and coordinate a blend of both modern and traditional resources, is surely an increasingly adopted way to have a game changing training.

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Bryant Nielson is heavily involved in the Corporate Training and Leadership and Talent space. He currently is the Managing Director for CapitalWave Inc and the training division, Financial Training Solutions. He brings a diverse corporate experience of organizational development, learning and talent development, and corporate training, that also includes personal coaching of top sales individuals and companies of all sizes. For the prior 4 years, Bryant was the Managing Director and Leadership and Talent Manager for Lengthen Your Stride! LLC. In this position, Nielson was the developer of all of the courses for MortgageMae University (MMU), the Realtor Development Center (RDC), and of Lengthen Your Stride! (LYS). In that position, he developed material, refined over many years of use and active training, and condensed the coursework and training to be high impact, natural learning, and comprehensive. Bryant has over 27 years of Senior Management experience encompasses running his own Training and mortgage firm, in New York City. He strongly believes that the corporate training is not to be static but should 'engage and inspire' students to greater productivity and performance.


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