What sets the best companies apart aren’t necessarily their innovative products or cutting edge technology, though that is important. What makes the top companies stand out against the competition are the people. Their most creative ideas and the heart of the company ultimately come from having the top minds on the project.

So how can you attract top talent? A great way to this by offering fantastic benefits. 4 in 5 employees say they’d rather have a new benefit than a higher salary. Offering something that no one else has, like a meditation room, or 6 months of maternity leave, will help bring in the most competitive employees. Not to mention that excellent benefits can be a great way to reduce turnover and hold on to your best minds.

Plus, showing your workers that you care about their happiness and health just as much as their deadlines goes a long ways. With great benefits, you enable your employees to do their best jobs, and inspire them to work for a company that’s about more than profits.

If you’re curious what you’re up against, here’s some of the top benefits from companies across the country:

Professional Development

Those who are fulfilled professionally are happier, and therefore 26% less likely to have heart disease, saving companies and people a ton in healthcare costs each year. Check out a few of the top professional develop

  • Amazon offers $12,000 towards tuition and training in their career choice program.
  • Patagonia gives its employees up to two months paid leave to work for an environmental non-profit.
  • Twitter pays for employee’s improv classes.

Health Benefits

Aside from holidays, getting sick can set entire teams back when an employee calls However, absenteeism is 27% less in employees who eat healthy and exercise, which you can help encourage in your employees.

  • Google provides every employee three free and nutritious meals a day.
  • Netflix allows new mothers 52 weeks of maternity leave.
  • Reebok gives its employees free CrossFit classes.
  • Nike’s main campus has multiple fitness centers with an Olympic swimming pool and a rock climbing wall.

Mental Wellness

It’s estimated that up to 90% of doctor’s visits are related to stress, so it’s important to take measures to relax employees. When they feel supported, they’re less likely to get sick, and can do better work.

  • Asana offers nap rooms for employees to catch up on sleep.
  • Capital One provides counseling through its Employee Assistance Program
  • Genentech offers free massages available on site.
  • Pearson has installed free meditation rooms to de-stress or relax employees.

Financial Benefits

While health benefits are crucial, the fact remains that money is the top cause of stress among Americans. Combat stress by relieving financial burdens

  • Bank of America gives its employees 401(k) matching with free financial counseling.
  • Discover helps out dog and cat owners with pet insurance alongside their health insurance.
  • PwC provides recent graduates $1,200 for student loan reimbursement each year.
  • Airbnb offers a $2,000 travel stipend to for any Airbnb across the world.

While you may not be able to offer the most fabulous benefits like an Olympic-sized swimming pool, or three chef-cooked meals a day, your efforts in providing a comprehensive package can go a long way. Perhaps switch out healthier snacks in the break room, or offer more flexibility in your working hours. Listen to your employees, and make it known that you care about their well being as more than an employee.

Author: Brigid Ludwig is a writer for the Turbo blog, where she aspires to empower others to make smart financial decisions for a happier and healthier life.