If there is anything that worries the Human Resource Department of any reputable organization more than anything else it is the recruitment of new talent and then being unable to prepare them for a long and fruitful tenure with the company. High turnover rates are never considered as a good sign, in fact, it shows low morale within the workforce and inevitably brings down the productivity of any firm to a standstill. Hence with the progress of technology over the past few decades, many human resource managers are trying to adapt and trying to embrace new methods through which they can find an effective solution to this persistent concern. Here we would like to share with you how corporate videos can play a constructive and powerful role in dealing with similar kinds of apprehensions.  What you need to understand is that corporate videos in their simplest of definitions are basically non-advertisement centered visual content that is created by a company and it is their intellectual property. Now that we have established what a corporate video is, let’s move on to how potent they are to resolve the aforementioned issues:

The Power of Videos

We are living in an era where the internet is exploded and reaching new heights every passing moment. The millennial and the centennial were born with the ability to connect with technology like it is their second nature, and the future belongs to them. With social media emerging as a platform that amalgamates both your professional and private life, online video streaming has emerged as the most popular media nowadays that the masses are readily acceptable to consume. Binge watching is a thing of the past now, in the US alone there are around 236 million digital viewers. In Saudi Arabia, nearly 64% of the population watch online videos. Apart from being a widely held media that everyone at the present is hooked on to, here are some findings which makes it an influential tool to use for accomplishing your goals and objectives:

  • Businesses that use videos grow at a much faster rate of 49% every year than those who don’t.
  • Videos have been found to be 4 times more likable than image and text related content.
  • 99% of businesses around the globe are using videos to enhance their operations.
  • Videos are the no. 1 instrument that can create conversation these days.
  • They are so compelling that 64% of online video streamers often end up making a purchase.
  • 70% of all internet traffic is comprised of online video streaming users.
  • Content viewed through a video format has a higher retention ratio than other types.

How Can You Use Them To Your Advantage?

At this moment there is simply no denial as to why we shouldn’t use corporate videos to help train new recruits. Here is how you can use them to educate them regarding the practices of your organization:

  • You can create videos that can offer them a taste of your organization’s culture, the norms of the workplace, teach them the proper behavior and conduct that needs to be followed. Instructors can also use videos to offer them guidelines regarding certain rules and regulations of the organization that need to be adhered to at all times. You can prepare a video for each type of situation they can face during working hours and show them how they should react to it in an appropriate manner.
  • Videos can also be great for teaching new staff members regarding their duties and providing them with detailed product knowledge. This can also be utilized to meaningfully break down difficult concepts into easy to digest chunks, call it a series of videos which explain challenging aspects of work.
  • One of the best thing about videos is that they can be made accessible to even remote areas. Hence if an employee is not available at the workplace, they can still go through the training session online if such a possibility is made available to them. This can also save work time, and staff may be encouraged to catch up on their training by watching a short video over the weekend.
  • The possibilities are limitless once you think about it. Workplace safety, health insurance, workplace policies, and even organizational shifts and changes in operations can be successfully relayed through corporate videos.
  • They can also be used to compile motivating testimonials from satisfied customers, which is always a good memory to look back to during tough times.

Benefits That You Should Consider

There is no question about it that making a corporate video might turn out to be expensive and needs strategic planning and deployment which can be heavily taxing on your invested time and effort used to create one, however, the rewards are definitely there for the reaping. Here are some benefits you should consider before making your final decision:

  • They contribute towards business development by creating brand awareness, strengthening your corporate identity, and pushing your sales as well as marketing goals up a notch.
  • Corporate videos have been observed to immensely increase the spirit of employees and their self-esteem. They get to realize how their contributions matter and that they are a part of something big.
  • Not only do they offer you a sense of community, but it also makes your workforce proud about being in a team and that is great for internal communication which positively affects the growth of your business.
  • They are one of the most sensible investments which can still pay you off both in the short and the long run. It’s a power statement which considerably fortifies the overall working experience of your company.

We hope that this post was able to offer you some great insights as to how you can practically utilize corporate videos in order to train and prepare freshly hired employees to ensure a longer tenure at your company. With the progress in technology at a rapid pace, every establishment is seeking newer and much more effective means of managing their resources and developing the skills of their workforce. We strongly recommend that you take your game to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.

Author Bio:

Danielle Phillips is an educationist who specializes in business management studies for higher education students. In her spare time, she likes to write online blogs and offer professional support to pupils for their UK assignment.