Using latest technology makes Digitals faster, so they adapt faster and are better than usual people who avoid or use less technology. Digitals are naturally endowed with the gift of adaptation and this is an advantage to them. They are faster than non Digitals both mentally and physically.
The Digitals have very quick fingers which they use for typing on the computer keyboards, whether they are touch screen or manual. A normal individual may type approximately 33 words per minute. While the fastest typists have a word count of above 100 words per minute. Digitals use the latest high tech keyboards like the all in one Asus Eee Keyboard.
Digitals have an eye for perfection. They use this to make their work as perfect as possible. They are always current and quick to get the information they need. They know where and how to get this information. Whether it is drawing, music or programming, a digital knows what he or she needs to use and completes the job with perfection. Like the latest browsers and Google search engines. For those digital who work in IT related jobs, they know what software applications are latest and what they need. Some being programmers are good at producing the applications that suit their interest and therefore produce a better job at the end of the day. A good example is those who are software developers. These people use the latest programming software applications.
The way a digital thinks is different from the normal individual. This is because they are loaded with extra information and they think about things usual people won’t realize. Digitals read a lot over the internet (eBooks) and interact with thousands of people through social media. This helps them get experience that non Digitals lack. Most Digitals also work best as writers because they have a lot of information and are constantly hunting for more information. For Digitals there is no stopping them, and this helps them complete the work no matter what. They use palmtops, mobiles, iPods and laptops to keep their work going on no matter what. Digitals use Microsoft Office components with ease to make the best works. For example they use power points, word and other components all the time.
Experience is the best teacher! Digitals learn and gain a lot of experience through the internet; either by reading or hearing about other peoples’ experiences or by taking chances themselves. The Digitals have the capacity of using their imagination to create hypothetical situations in their minds to analyze and predict the likely outcomes of their actions and decisions. Therefore Digitals do a very good job with their instincts and do what they know is right for the work they have. Thereby making lesser mistakes and completing the job in good time. The decisions a digital takes are often better than what a non digital will present. They also use online simulators to gain their experiences.
Some common characteristics of Digitals are that they are dedicated, determined, unrelenting and always ready to face challenges. These qualities make them capable of completing their work no matter what. They employ technical means like the Android OS and other machines or gadgets to ensure they meet their targets no matter what. Similarly Digitals use android for security, and domestic aid as well to complete their work better than non Digitals . For example there are cleaner robots, ironing man, automatic and WiFi enhanced vacuums and many more gadgets.
For those Digitals who are internet marketers, they are constantly on the internet employing the latest marketing tools like Facebook and Twitter to achieve their targets. Additionally, those who are into Forex trading use latest software like currency converters and international time calculators as well. These people constantly use devices and technology, like palmtops and Blackberries to work around the clock until they complete their work. Digitals use these social media sites through mobile applications, like Twitter mobile/Twitter Deck and Facebook mobile, specifically designed for these websites to achieve their targets. They are constantly at it – any time and any where.
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