With the strong adoption of mobile devices in enterprises, it is showing no signs of slowing down in the future, especially with the continuous development to produce smarter, high-tech devices. Today, smartphones and tablets are among the most evident gadgets being maximized by employees and businesses in providing more efficient work even when on the go.

One of the departments in the office that highly utilizes mobile devices today is the human resources. Based on the report released by Aruba Networks, 86% of HR professionals globally own two or more devices with internet connectivity and productivity apps for work purposes. As the demand goes stronger, it is expected that smartphones will continue to shape and revolutionize the HR department. Here are some of the future trends to expect in this category:

Social media screening

As social media becomes an extension of people’s lives, HR has now extended their extensive evaluation process of applicants and employees through their own personal social profiles. Jeanne Meister wrote in Forbes that 2015 will be the year that Social HR will become a reality. Social platforms have also paved the way for HR personnel to locate the perfect employee for their office. LinkedIn has become the most common site where many human resource managers, as well as CEO and COO have located the right person for their corporation. The platform allows each user to connect with one another, as well as share insights and knowledge.

The article also opened the discussion about the changing phase of video consumption online where people 45 and above are increasingly using these types of platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo. These websites are now being utilized by HR departments in making their training videos easier to access by employees wherever they go.

More HR applications and solutions
Previously, we did feature that 86% of HR are maximizing more than two devices for work purposes. The same study also noted that there will be an increase in the consumption of applications helpful for human resource staff in scanning more potential applicants as well as providing training solutions. Here are the top HR applications that are highly maximized today:
1. NetSuite TribeHR
2. SumTotal
3. Spark Hire
4. Vortex Connect
5. NaturalHR

New developments in mobile devices will also have an increase in adoption. Currently, tablets appear to be more appropriate for work purposes, for its almost similar functionalities to smartphones with bigger screen sizes. According to a list provided by O2, the most popular and top tablets today ranges from 7-inch to 10-inch size, close to the size of netbooks. However, Apple is said to be working on its camp for a 12-inch and above iPads (close to the size of laptops), while other manufacturers are incorporating more powerful hardware similar to PCs.

Wearables and VR trainings
Demand for more portable devices came into reality with the release of wearables on the market. The most popular will be smartwatches, but the Google Glass also paved the way for consumers to see the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) in changing the tech game. Smart headsets such as the Oculus Rift also introduced Virtual Reality (VR) experience, which used to be a mere dream in the past. Today, human resource managers in private institutions are working on various ways to maximize wearables and its technologies.

If there’s one apparent example of virtual reality for training, then it will be the military VR training for army, navy, and air force in the United States. According to Virtual Reality website, “this [virtual reality] is particularly useful for training soldiers for combat situations or other dangerous settings where they have to learn how to react in an appropriate manner.” It includes various simulations that offer ‘almost real’ experience without the need to be in dangerous situations. The same technique will be beneficial and cost-effective for many companies, instead of spending a lot for training days.

Using mobile devices is currently one of the strongest tech trend in the corporate setting, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. With the release of new tech solutions and gadgets, it will strengthen the apparent adoption of mobile technologies, especially in the HR department. How do you expect new innovations to revolutionize the human resource processes?


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