The latest technology development and computer revolution keep changing our lives and we see the rapid progress in many important spheres now. From weather forecast to cancer curing – it’s only the top of an iceberg of what supercomputers can do.

Today, we can get almost all the perks of amazing technology innovations predicted by sci-fi writers 60-70 years ago. Mankind waited for so long for the computer revolution to come and it’s here. Did you know that supercomputers help us to get an exact weather forecast? And what about the impact of a technological revolution on medicine – heart disorders and cancer healing? 

The progress is observable in all the major spheres of our lives and we have to do our best to use computers effectively. Keep on reading about how the revolution in the technology sector influences us. And you can find more articles about computer innovations on Best Tech Expert.

The Era of Technology Revolution: 4 Ways How Computer Changed Our Lives

The technology revolution keeps growing and there are many pieces of evidence of how we progressed in computer science during the last decades. The better weather forecast, healing dangerous diseases, improved car engines – that’s only the beginning. Let’s take a look closer to the achievements of the computer revolution:

  1. We can predict weather changes by using a computer more effectively. Sometimes it feels like it’s the most unstable factor in our lives. How many times you listened to the forecast and believed that tomorrow it will be sunny but the rain came instead? And what about horrible storms? Sometimes people don’t expect to face such weather difficulties. Scientists from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration decided to implement technology revolution achievements and exploited super computer called “Mira”. It helps them to predict wind changes and come up with an accurate weather forecast. The computer “Mira” provides the chance to warn people based in a location where the storm is expected and that’s also a part of the innovation revolution.
  2. We can find better ways to fight diseases by using a technology revolution. You got it right – you can have only a computer technology degree to struggle against horrible disorders. Scientists used a computer “Sequoia” to create a detailed simulation of a human’s heart. This product of the latest revolution helped to create an exact 3D model that shows how different treatment methods influence it. Soon, researches will find out what type of healing works the best for the human’s heart with the help of a computer.

Another example of an innovation revolution is connected with cancer healing. A computer “Watson” helps scientists to provide a detailed cancer diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. By the way, the developers of this item took all the advantages of a technology revolution as it understands human language. And it’s not just a program developed by an IT-specialist. There’s a difference between information technology and computer science that made the revolution in technology. IT requires installing, organizing, and designing databases mostly for business. Computer science is a wider scope of programming processes with the help of mathematical algorithms used in researches for universities, networks of enterprises, and so on.

  1. Computers constructed in the era of innovation revolution help us make effective car engines. Those having a vehicle dream of the chance to save money on fuel especially when we speak of long distances. Scientists use a supercomputer “Titan” to perform a revolution in the transport sector. It helps to get data about the processes in a combustion engine and better understand it. It’s a nice example of how computer affect our lives because researches are going to receive the information about fuel impact on this element of a car by using “Titan”. They hope to find alternative methods that will make the engine work and make a revolution.
  2. The revolution in safe transportation. The number of car accidents is impressive and it’s hard to imagine how many lives crashes took away. Researches decided to improve the situation on roads with the help of a computer and make a revolution. They already tried the car equipped with 3D cameras, simple cameras, and supercomputer. It seems like the revolution in transportation will be successful because this vehicle finished the 500-mile trip on autopilot. A super computer predicts all the possible outcomes on a road and acts according to the situation quickly.

 Final Thoughts on Computer Revolution

 The technology revolution is unstoppable and it’s obvious that mankind will be able to cope with numerous complexities. We can be better prepared for weather changes, fight dangerous diseases effectively, find the alternative fuel for our vehicles, and even increase the level of safety on a road. Supercomputer predictions are already part of our lives and we hope that this revolution will help us to improve our lives. By the way, what do you think about innovations? Do you believe that computers and technology revolution will help us to get rid of disturbing troubles?


Author’s bio: Jake Lester – a computer engineer who’s fond of everything connected with technologies. He gathers and shares the latest news from the world of innovations and dreams to create his own supercomputer. Jake is a big fan of sci-fi literature. His favorite writer is Isaac Asimov.