We all know that coordinating a team and motivating its members might prove to be a challenging experience. You have to find their sources of motivation, to enhance them and to support the employees in their work.

Maybe you will gain some frustration and be a motivating and strong leader would be harder. There are some things you need to manage to make your team more successful and fulfilled. You should concentrate on some aspects:

Be a Leader, Not a Boss

Of course, you’ve seen those memes on the internet which show the difference between a leader and a boss. Summing it up, as a leader, you support your colleagues, create a reliable working environment and you work side by side with them.

On the other side, a boss is more severe, generates fear among the employees and makes them feel inferior. Maybe the most obvious difference between these two is that a leader leads the employees, while a boss drives them.

Start developing your employees while inspiring enthusiasm and trusting that they will perform their job well.

Communicate Openly

Most conflicts arise from bad communication. Assure that you make yourself understood and that the others understand you. Promote a culture where everyone shares their opinion about teamwork, tasks or environment. Involve them in decision-making situations and planning of the project.

Accept and give feedback, your employees will surely appreciate it. And most important, do not take it personally. Carefully analyze all the ideas and get the best out of it.

Build a Solid Foundation of Work

Hackman proposed in 2012 some working conditions leaders can create and that can contribute to a more efficient team. Maybe the most important ones are creating clear rules of conduct, sharing tasks and promoting an organized approach to work. Be sure your employees have access to resources and that there is someone who can guide them whenever they need.

You will also have other responsibilities and that’s why there should be someone who supports the team when you can’t. You can also delegate some tasks, like proofreading your reports. The professionals from Assignment Masters can help you anytime. And so, you will have more time for your team.

Choose the Appropriate Tasks

Don’t just distribute tasks and expect them to be a source of motivation. Choose them with care. The employees need to identify with the task and see its relevance. This gives them a feeling of autonomy and they can auto-evaluate their work.

Like this, their level of motivation increases and so does the team’s efficacy. Pay attention to even the smallest details! They can make your work easier.

Nurture the Team’s Performance

Don’t just stay there and expect everything to be great. Be the one who stimulates changes in people who follow you. Encourage the development of your subordinates and the improvement of their skills.

Try offering them a new approach to problems and teach them how to manage issues that might appear. There is a chain of actions that can increase the team’s performance and you have the power.

By enhancing group cohesion, the performance will increase. That feeling that you belong there, in your team, and you are accepted, is awesome. Don’t lessen the power of a strong leader.

Motivate Your Subordinates

This is one of the most sensitive parts of being a leader. Everyone talks about motivation, but no one says you how to do it, how to motivate your team members.

Besides the classical “reward and recognition” system, you can also adopt small gestures which can increase their level of motivation. They are motivated by affirmations that encourage them, positive comments on their capabilities or active evaluations.

Keep in mind that your subordinates’ level of motivation predicts the performance and efficacy of the team. Start working on it!


Being a leader might seem hard at first. You have to adopt different roles over time. You have to be a coach, a mentor or a facilitator. You’re the one able of boosting team’s motivation and performance. Realize that you have a great power and use it.

Try not to be bossy, but to actively encourage your employees’ development and improvement. After some time, maybe they will be leaders too, and you will be their role model. Pay attention to even the smallest details: they can make the difference. Develop their team spirit and empathize with their struggles.

Lead by example, communicate effectively and focus on people, not on tasks. You can make the difference. You can be a strong leader

Author Bio: Hillary Hope gave up a successful professional career to become a freelance writer. She worked in human relations as a senior career advisor for a number of international companies and now loves to share that knowledge.