How to Be Creative in Your Writing


Creative Writing ConceptWriting is not a cakewalk for everyone; it is sometimes a strenuous activity even for the expert writers. However, we can transform a tedious writing to a creative one by applying some simple techniques. Start taking writing as a fun activity; here, are some ways to make your writing a creative piece of document.

 Include Personal Experiences in Your Writing

No matter what are you going to write about, remember that your memories, moments and emotions can help you become creative in writing any piece of work. For instance, if you are writing a story, you can add your own experiences and moments into it that will eventually make your story exciting and creative. Do not afraid to add your embarrassing situations as it can add humor to your written content as well. A satirical anecdote can bring a smile on your reader’s face.

Give Wings to your Imagination

Try to be imaginative! Contemplate about all those quirky things you wish to do in life and play with the words to form a beautiful yet intriguing story. To be a creative writer, you have to unleash the fixed way of life & thought process. Once you unshackle an established state of mind, you will be able to enter into the world where you can create your own story sans borrowing inspiration from anyone. Following & creating your individual style is another term for being creative in writing.

Choose a Gripping Title

If you want to be creative in writing then, do not forget to select a riveting title. The title you’re giving to your content should be appropriate yet extremely compelling for the reader and your target audience. It must be too fascinating that a reader automatically gets motivated to read the entire writing, until the end. Many times, a gripping title is beneficial to use by a writer to leave an indelible impression on a reader’s mind.

Play With Words

To make your writing unique and creative, it is useful to play with heaps of vocabulary. If you want to write ‘sad’ several times, pick different synonyms each time like sorrowful, gloomy and miserable instead of using the sad word every time. Be cautious in choosing the words according to the genre of your story, if you’re writing a love story, then the chosen words would entirely be different from the action story.

Presentation is a Must

Your writing looks creative when relevant pictures are added to it. For a crazy story writing, you can add pictures that could be taken from magazines and internet. If you’re a great painter then, this is the time to unveil you knack of painting and present it into your writing. The addition of graphs, figures, charts & pictures gives vividness to any flat piece of writing.

Avoid Making Silly Grammatical Errors

No matter how interesting your writing is, your written content is invariably marred by the use of incorrect spelling and grammar. Make sure that your sentence fragmentation is correct. Some readers are sensitive to spelling hence, proofread your writing at least twice to throw out the embarrassing mistakes that spoil your creativity in writing.

Understand your Target Audience

It is essential to know your target audience to put the creativity in your writing according to the lifestyle and choices of the readers. For instance, if you’re writing an action story for kids then the use of catchy and adventurous captions for the images can entice the reader. Avoid using snide remarks in your writing and any sort of religious comments and views that could hurt the sentiments of your readers.

 Keep it Interesting

To connect with the readers try to use intriguing quotations, instances that make your writing an interesting thing to peruse. The more you use the real life examples, the more your reader gets connected to you. Be vigilant in the choice of quotations, using irrelevant quotes can distract the reader and spoil your written document.

Keeping these techniques in mind, you can certainly ignite the flair for creative writing. To witness a significant change in your writing dexterity you have to put ceaseless efforts. Liberate your thoughts on a piece of paper and give shape to your imagination with great panache.

Summary: Writing can be made fun by using the techniques of wordplay, interactive presentation, fancy imagination, etc. Moreover, by inculcating these ways anyone can become a creative writer.

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