iSpring Free, a simple course authoring toolkit based in PowerPoint, just got a major upgrade. Now, it allows users to build quizzes and features a fresh, polished interface. Requiring no budget to use, the tool is a reasonable choice for eLearning beginners and those who need to test if digital courses would work for their project before launching eLearning at its full capacity.

Let’s have a closer look at the revamped tool and see how it can help eLearning developers.

iSpring Free allows eLearners to create courses from PowerPoint slides, enhance them with tests, webpages, and YouTube videos, and upload them to an LMS. The tool works in the PowerPoint interface and simply adds a tab to the ribbon. 

Here’s what you can create with this authoring tool.

  1. Create courses from PowerPoint presentations

You can pick an existing slide deck or create a new one. It will become the basis for a future course. If the presentation contains effects, slide transitions, links, or animations, they will be kept intact after conversion to a course.


  1. Add quizzes to check learners’ knowledge

The new update armed iSpring Free with a quiz editor. You can use three types of questions for basic knowledge checks: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Short Answer. Questions can be enhanced with images, formulas, and audio and video.


  1. Make your course interactive

To make your training content easier to digest, you can add YouTube videos and web objects to the slides.

  1. Deliver the course to your audience

Click the Publish button, and your course is ready to go! You can publish it to HTML5 to insert on a site or blog, or choose SCORM format to upload the course to an LMS and get statistics on learner results.


Under a deadline? if you need to build a course yesterday, you can go with your initial PowerPoint presentation and publish it to an online course as-is.

If you prefer watching videos, this one will let you quickly get started with the tool:

YouTube video:

Courses and quizzes adapt to any device and screen size so learners can take training 24/7, wherever they prefer. Plus, before your course goes live, you can preview how it will look on every device and screen orientation.

The good thing about the app is that it puts no limits on the number of courses, slides, or file size, and adds no annoying watermarks to your courses. You can download iSpring Free to start creating eLearning courses and quizzes right away.

To sum up, iSpring Free is an authoring tool that is equipped with a set of basic features to easily launch eLearning at no cost. It provides an opportunity to get started with course creation or check if eLearning is the right choice for you.


As a Community Manager at iSpring Solutions, Polina is hosting an expert webinar series, where every week she talks about eLearning trends, shares iSpring tips and tricks, and covers clients’ cases. Also, she communicates with eLearning experts to always have an in-depth knowledge of the industry trends and share it with the audience.