A customer testimonial video is a wonderful piece of social media that converts audiences who see it. The only difficult part is to make the video properly. The first thing to do is to look up the professional video making concerns. Call up their team and they will guide you in all aspects of video making.

Start of the Video

Right, you are on your way to making your video. Remember that it is different from a commercial video that advertises products and services in one important aspect. In commercial videos, they show you all the positive aspects of the product. Fine. In this video testimonial, you are showing the user of the product that you want to advertise.

Do not Promote the Product too much

That said, it is important not to overemphasize the promotion of the product. You have to make it look like an interview with a user who happens to use the product. You will do well to include lots of personal details of the customer to make it realistic and interesting. People like it when they peek into another person’s life, they don’t want boring details about a vacuum cleaner or washing machine.

Identify the Potential Customer

So, the first big step is going to be the identification of the customer who will be playing the lead role in the video. Yes, you can have many customers but the idea is to know which one to pick.

Choose loyal customers who look respectable and dependable. These are confident people who are successful at what they do business or office work. They should be able to talk fluently in the language you choose and have a merry outlook on life.

Make the Video Crisp

It is good to keep things natural, skip the written script where the actors in the video read their lines. This deadens the impact, natural responses come through more clearly and have visible emotion. This kind of videos always draws the attention of viewers.

Be Sure the Video is Believable

If it isn’t, the whole exercise is a waste of time. Do not include any element that detracts from the truth. Do not add any fictional characters or themes. You are not there to entertain the viewers, you are there to present facts. If they find something, they can make fun of, then they will.

Authenticate with more Personal Detail

Introduce the customer by name and try to introduce his family members. Try to include the family dog or cat in the video by shooting it at their place. People love animals and interact better when they appear in a presentation.

Choose the Site to Make the Video

Go to the problem area, usually, this is an interesting spot where you can make your video. One instance is a conference where your customer takes part. This gives the viewers a ringside view of the action as it happens. They see their role model doing important activities and then he tells you about the product. The other place where you can begin the video is at the place where your clothes get dirty (detergent soap) or your car doesn’t make the grade (engine oil). Or, the place where you have problems connecting to the net (internet service provider), and so on.

Look at the Bright Side

The audience is already there, you don’t have to go looking for potential customers. You can say anything you like about your product within acceptable limits and the viewers will lap it up. The only criterion is that the thing must remain simple, nobody is going to sit around and look at any stuff they cannot understand. They will switch to another channel and there goes your audience.

The Best Place to Use the Customer Testimonial Video

You have your website where you explain the product and show the visitors all the details of how it works and what the user must do. Right after this is over, when the customers are fully aware of what the product is all about, you can introduce your video testimonial. The authentic voice of the customer explaining how it works by experiencing it first-hand will be the best witness for your product.

Highlight the Plus Point of Your Product

This is important. Your product can do something that the competitor’s product cannot do. Make this the talking point and keep it going right through the storyline. The audience will remember this when they go shopping.

Like we said at the start, make use of professional video making service providers to make your video. The advantage is that they have plenty of experience in making videos and so they will not waste time making elemental mistakes. Also, they will know when the storyline is not flowing smoothly because they have the experience. Though you pay them to make the video, you get a professional video that will do what you want it to do.

Author Bio

The article has been written by Aleksi Halsas, marketing writer at Trustmary offers a customer and employee testimonials which create appealing contents to engage the readers all around the world is the author’s keen desire.