How To Remove The Infamous “Writer’s Block


Frustration stress and writers blockWriting has lots to offer, but it is not emotionally rewarding always. There are times when the writers tend to regurgitate simply the thoughts in different flavours and feel that a deadlock in terms of thinking has come. Why does it happen? The reasons are many; but, just like every lock has a key, this problem too has a solution. The biggest challenge in front of any writer is to dig up new ideas always and be at the top in terms of creativity.

So, this so-called “writer’s fix” can be tackled only by using creative ways. There is no other option than continuing to write, but keeping the same enthusiasm throughout is possible to achieve if you inculcate following things in your daily routine.

Read something new whenever you get chance

Upgrading knowledge is very much essential in all aspects of life. Values change, ways of thinking change and also changes the survival strategies. How many people are there in the world who have not experienced the change that they see around? Hardly any! So, whether you are an academic writer, a fiction writer or a technical writer, the upgradation of the knowledge is the biggest tool for you to keep the pace with the changing times.

Be a great observer

You need to open yourself to the surroundings if you want to retain the flavour in your writing and overcome the mental block. When you make observations, you definitely get ideas as well as reactions to the ideas, helping you develop a theory of your own. You are not supposed to make people nod in acceptance to your theory; as a writer, the onus lies more on keeping them connected. So, if you incorporate the observations in your writings, it is quite possible to enrich the thought process and remain fresh.

Be intuitive

Suspense is the essence of effective writing. Even if you are writing something as dry as a dissertation, you need to make a point to maintain a grip on the reviewer till conclusion. So, if you are able to think beyond what everybody can see, it is possible to bring twists to your tale in the most happening manner. And you will never run out of either thoughts or inclination for writing, eventually, that fix will nowhere to be seen.

Enrich your ‘world’ of words

Running short of ideas is a bit attributed to the shortage in your repertoire of words too. People love to read lucid, interesting and well-written literature pieces, but when readers find their favourite writer using the same words, again and again, loss of interest is natural to follow. The newness in thoughts and flow of writing can certainly be achieved if you learn new words and knit them wisely too. The zeal to use new words can also become an impetus to get rid of the ugly block that every writer experiences.

Enjoy ‘me’ time

Having a mental break is a must for everyone, writers are no exception. Writing is one of the professions where the brains are working overtime sometimes. So, having a break and filling it with rejuvenating activities like visiting a spa or sitting quietly at the beach, can definitely help you to come back with refreshed energy and great enthusiasm. Ideas flow naturally through a refreshed mind, so do give this a try!

Why not try something different!

Variety in writing is another challenge that keeps an avid writer busy. Trying different genres is very much important to expand your horizons as well as your knowledge base. When you search for writing for a ‘never-explored-before’ territory, you are likely to get a chance to correct the concepts that were wrongly taught to you or were understood erroneously by you. The end-result will be more enlightened you, ready to face the hurdles that are a usual part of a writing career.

Strength in writing confines not to delivering the words every day, but it has a lot to do with surpassing the low phases too. The easiest thing is to blame it on others, on surroundings, and etc.; but, the better and more sensible approach will be to self-assess, fathom inwards deeply and develop a corrective procedure that has lots to do with developing better mental resilience useful for making a memorable comeback.


What to do when you feel like just throwing away the title of a writer? There are a number of mental blocks that a writer needs to overcome so that he can survive for long and continue being a thing of curiosity among his readers. What can help you in dealing with them, read on to find.

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