In this article, let’s have a look at success. How do you see and define the term success being a training manager? Every company holds its own unique training goals, so the idea of success may differ on the basis of these goals. But do you know there is a universal goal for the success? Let me tell you that increasing your training ROI is that goal that can directly put an impact on the overall success of your training and development campaign or strategy. One of the major metrics used to gauge training ROI is total duration or the time period learners spend with your training materials. In this post, I will be focusing on this measure in terms of one of the most utilized and recognized digital learning tools, i.e., video learning.

Well, we all live in a culture that is highly video based, so it’s not surprising that video has become a vital tool for training. In fact in my own learning modules of different courses, video learning is the major theme to deliver the message and enhance the skills of learners. Off course, we don’t incorporate the video learning in training just on some assumptions. Indeed, researches have revealed a strong co-relation between usage of visual aids and enhanced learning outcomes[1]. Learning and development research keeps highlighting higher retention rates when video is integrated, showing learners’ comfortableness with this medium. While technological innovations and advancements are making it easier for the trainers to access and even create high quality learning oriented videos, it’s a simple decision to use video learning for higher learner engagement.

As per recent reports[2], more than 176 million people are there who watch online videos every month, and most of them used the platform of YouTube. The figures itself show that video is quite engaging tool, enhances collaboration and it’s by far amazingly interesting than words written on a piece of paper. However, this study talks about the consumers who viewed the videos in their spare time. What about using the video in more professional setting, in particular, to the task of training? Applying visual learning to enhance a company’s values, mission, products and operations is usually found to have a great influence on information retention[3].

If you are the part of the business that hasn’t completely realized the significance and power of video for enhancing your training efforts, you can take the benefit of this technology to boost the effectiveness of such programs. Here, I am sharing with some specific aspects which support your strategy to increase your ROI with video learning.

  1. A visual medium of video is more interesting to the learners

Let me ask you a question, what’s more appealing to you, reading manual of hundreds of pages or watching a video that defines the same information in just few minutes? Also, which method is going to take you to the big picture efficiently and in faster way? One that gives page upon page lots of information that you need to look into or the one that creatively and visually offers you with solid examples of operations and procedures? I think the answer is clear here.

Video lets your learners to see how to do particular things. When you are restricted to written text, it becomes hard to give visual examples to the learners and there is higher possibility of misinterpretation. The interest level drops to zero and it’s not surprising to have just half of the strength of learners in your next online course, or MOOC or training session[4]. The ROI here has declined significantly, putting a bad impression on your entire training portfolio.

Let me share with you an interesting case. I came across the head of sales training, for a big manufacturing business, having a task of giving his team some new maintenance information and procedures. With a range of video technologies readily available, it was indeed not wise for him to have just provided his team members with how-to guides and lengthy written manuals. Therefore, he provided the video to his employees with all the information relevant to the new procedures while showing the new maintenance mechanism. He also provided relevant supporting documents to the video he showed, as a reference material. Out of 25 team members, 22 people gave the training session 5 star ratings. And, you know what? They all rated video demonstration as the best part of the session. This greatly increased the ROI of the head since in view of the outcome; he was assigned with more training sessions exceeding 50 employees, belonging to sales support.

  1. Video- A platform for bridging the gaps

Many large companies have workers spread across the borders and it’s usually hard to update each member of the team at a time. Have you ever encountered this difficulty? If yes, then you had been wise if you had used the video learning techniques. Off course, following a traditional route and routing out an email in the hope that all will read it, is not effective at all.

On-demand video is there, whenever, wherever you want. Video brings a personal touch in your training and helps employees being more comfortable about the delivered message. In fact, multi language captions can also be used for non-English speaking members. In addition, members who are time zones away, also win, which eventually increases your training ROI to an incredible level[5].


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Bryant Nielson is heavily involved in the Corporate Training and Leadership and Talent space. He currently is the Managing Director for CapitalWave Inc and the training division, Financial Training Solutions. He brings a diverse corporate experience of organizational development, learning and talent development, and corporate training, that also includes personal coaching of top sales individuals and companies of all sizes. For the prior 4 years, Bryant was the Managing Director and Leadership and Talent Manager for Lengthen Your Stride! LLC. In this position, Nielson was the developer of all of the courses for MortgageMae University (MMU), the Realtor Development Center (RDC), and of Lengthen Your Stride! (LYS). In that position, he developed material, refined over many years of use and active training, and condensed the coursework and training to be high impact, natural learning, and comprehensive. Bryant has over 27 years of Senior Management experience encompasses running his own Training and mortgage firm, in New York City. He strongly believes that the corporate training is not to be static but should 'engage and inspire' students to greater productivity and performance.

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