The HR industry is growing by leaps and bounds and all this growth has led to increased demand in skilled HR professionals who can hit the ground running. An interesting thing to note here is that there is no formal/standard academic track you can follow to gain relevant HR qualification.

But you still need skills to step into the world of HR that is changing with the shifting business environment.

Wait a minute!

What skills? Is it education? Is it certification? Or is it a combination of both? The reality is that it is a combination of both with a dash of experience added to it. But why certifications? What value does a certification program add to the portfolio?

Certification is a third-party validation of your skills and qualifications. Also, certification programs are designed keeping in mind the latest trends in the respective field so are a sure shot way to ensure that the applicant is abreast with all the current trends of the industry.

Here’s more on the importance of professional certification. And it will definitely help you understand more about the importance of certification.

  1. As a certified professional you will gain practical skills for the job. The certification program emphasizes the knowledge and skills required to carry-out real-world responsibilities.
  2. It will help you attain the maximum benefit from a varied range of expertise.
  3. The certification program is usually designed to teach applicants all aspects of the profession including all the latest trends and technology.
  4. You don’t need to take out extra time for these certification programs as they are effectively integrated into your daily office responsibilities.

These are general advantages of going for certification and these benefits of certification remain the same for all certification programs including HR. So yes, HR professional certification will be worth your penny.

Now that going for a validated proof of skills will be advantageous for professionals, let’s move on to the next step – identifying best HR certifications will best suit the candidate looking for a career upgrade.

When selecting any certification program keep these things in your mind –

  1. Whether you seek a certification program for an entry, mid or senior level
  2. Level of experience at the time of exploring certification programs
  3. Related qualification for the relevant field – qualification here implies knowledge and skills and not necessarily an academic degree.

Keeping the above parameters in mind pick and choose carefully the certification that will yield results for you.


Recruiters seek HR professionals with talent management skills. So, when selecting the right certification body do keep this little fact also in your mind.

Confusion will be your shadow when selecting a certification program. You just have to understand what you seek from the program including –

  1. Training on the latest trends and technologies
  2. Increased employability factor
  3. Higher salary prospects post-program
  4. Self-paced program and with online training

Once you feel that the certification program checks all these parameters, you can safely select your program from the certification bodies like HR Certification Institute or HRCI and Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM. And if you are interested in going for talent management certification then you may like to check out Association for Talent Development or ATD and Talent Management Institute or TMI.

Each of these certification bodies is well-renowned in their fields and offers certification programs that are vendor-agnostic, self-paced and aligned with the latest trends and technologies used in the HR industry.

Author:  Ariaa Reeds