The Digital Revolution has made a new path to acquire long-distance education. The term E-Learning primarily means a formalized method of teaching with the help of electronic resources. While teaching is usually done in/outside classrooms, E-Learning involves computer and internet. In a way, this type of learning connects an individual to the rest of the world, as it makes accessibility possible.  Today if a student in Asia wants to learn a course which is available in Africa can be accessed with the help of technology. The electronic learning has become a medium of joining the commodity to the need of an individual. This kind of learning is not limited to the field of education; rather it can be seen in other areas like business, arts and so on.

If an MNC wants to conduct a training session for all its employees all over the globe, can now use the electronic resource to get through them. With the increased use of technology, people have decreased the use of the book. There are a number of advantages the E-Learning brings along. They are as follows:

  1. Exclusive Information for the User:

One of the best perks of E-Learning is that the user can get the information according to his/her need. There are times when the person may want information specifically on the disadvantages of using social media. For that he/she would not want to read the meaning and the history of social media. E-Learning caters to the want of the users. This way the user saves a lot of time and can access the needed information, without having read unwanted content.

  1. Mobility:

The schools and colleges are not mobile, that is why the students go there to study. But this type of learning is mobile. It can be accessed from home or even outside. All one needs is a laptop/ computer and internet. The information now is just a click away from the users. People living in rural areas can use this method of learning in order to learn and help in development

  1. Effective Learning:

Since the learning can happen anywhere and anytime due to its accessibility, the users can learn in an effective manner. Generally, in a classroom, there are students who do not understand a concept and repeating it for each student is a task for the teacher. Through E-Learning the students can read and re-read the concept again in a simpler way to understand, thus ensuring effecting learning.

  1. Flexible:

Adding on is the flexibility aspect too. The users can use the electronic resource according to their convenience. There is no set time to access the portals. If the users want to use in the middle of the night they can do so. There are no timings to use online.

  1. Faster Communication:

The pace of communication is faster than the traditional way of learning. Here if a student has a doubt, he/she can directly get in touch with the teacher online. And the teacher would respond to them instantly. There are many people who take up online courses, wherein communication with the tutors is easy and fast.

  1. Covers larger audience:

The Internet is available to all the people around the world, and that is how E-Learning covers a large number of people all over the globe. People may use the same resource differently. Some may use for entertainment and the others for learning.

  1. Environment-Friendly:

This method of teaching does not include paper, manpower, and structure. Thus reducing the carbon footprint. With the increased destruction of Mother Nature, E-Learning is the only way to take steps towards protecting the environment.

The advantages of E-Learning are many. There is something in store for each and every individual. It is a whole new world of information. Every day there is more content that gets added by people. This, in turn, adds on to the already existing information. E-Learning has given way to many innovations and discoveries. People are developing with the help of it, free of cost. This can help the people reach new heights and invent incredible things, that will, in turn, help them grow.

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