Time management is one of the biggest issues for a student. They lack time management and feel depressed when they don’t achieve good results. Managing time is important because it helps to pay special attention to studies, and manage their day to day life with better accuracy. It helps to prioritize assignments and daily tasks so that a student can concentrate properly on studies, and maintain a study to free time ratio.  

If a student becomes good in managing time he feels more confident, organized and is able to become an idol student who achieves good marks. Time management is not only good for a student’s life but even when the student gets into the world of job. Time management is a lifetime skill which helps a student to become a more efficient person.

Here we have a list of ways to help you become a pro in time management:

What do you have to do/ list all the important activities- Note down everything you want to do. All the activities which are going to take place in your life. This will help you not miss the important things. This happens with many students that they have to add on things at the last moment. Playing, talking to friends, sleeping, eating, studying or writing assignments everything needs to be taken into consideration.

Eliminate distractions- Distractions are something that may stop you or waste your time and will not let you focus on important things. Overplaying or spending too much time watching movies are a major distraction. You’re visiting your friend’s place every day or using social media platforms excessively is not going to help you study properly. Don’t run after things which are going to hamper your studies because, in the end, the distractions won’t help you bring good marks.

Create a life schedule: You would have prepared a time table of when to study what subject. But what to do at a particular time of the day is more important. This table actually helps you to prioritize everything in life. As you read in the first point about the list of important things you have to do, now you have to provide priority and time to these things. Be it playing time or using your phone, everything should be noted in this schedule. And make sure you follow this table! You have made this to make everything perfect for you, therefore, not following this table will bring you back to the same track which leads you nowhere.

Be flexible but realistic/ divide time in an appropriate way- Your table should be appropriate, it should not be like spending more time on games and meeting friends and less on studying. You should divide time to your subjects and how to give more time to subjects in which you are weak. Don’t think you are going to change your schedule during the exams time and for the rest of the year you won’t pay much attention to studies and still, it’ll be fine. Preparing yourself since day one is going to help you achieve great marks and will reduce the burden on you during the exam time.

Start working on assignments early- Assignments are something which requires time to do it perfectly. To complete an assignment and submitting it on time, you need to start working on it from the very first day. Leaving it for the last days of assignment submission can make it more complicated. No teacher likes incomplete assignments or the one submitted late. This leaves a bad impression and marks can be deducted. If you plan to complete your assignments on time, you’ll even save more time to pursue your hobbies.

Work on one thing at a time: Don’t try to mess up things by doing everything at the same time. When you play just play properly and when you study just concentrate and study. Don’t replace your thoughts by thinking about a game during your study or taking tension about exams while you play. Concentrate on what you are doing so that you can do everything perfectly. The tip is to live in the moment and concentrating on JUST that.

Don’t study for long hours: If you think you are going to sit and study for continuous hours, it is not going to help you concentrate for a long time. Remember, there is a difference between learning and just simply reading. You need a lot of concentration to study and do well in exams, therefore try to study for shorter hours and take some time off to relax and unwind. This way you will be able to put more attention on a particular subject.

Set goals for every session: Setting a goal for every session of study is going to increase your interest while you study. This way you can concentrate more on studying. Achieving a goal is one of the best feelings in life. You can imagine how good you will feel after studying something. Sometimes while you study for a long time, it becomes boring. Try this trick and you’ll feel like studying a bit more every day and that too more efficiently.

Give attention to your favourite activities as well: Prioritizing your studies over everything is good, but that doesn’t mean you will stop giving time to your hobbies and activities. If you love sports play every day, watch your favourite television shows or go for a walk with your pet. Your other activities are going to make you feel happy and a happy mind will help you take interest in studies as well.

Take care of your health: Well, getting confused about how health can play a role in managing time? Well, good health means away from disease and feeling well all the time. When you feel good you don’t have to waste time with doctors and spending time on the bed. Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables. Your vitamin take will give you a strong immune system and you will feel fit all the time. Vitamins-like magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium are good for your brain and overall health.

Get 8-10 hours of sleep– Getting a night of good sleep is essential. Don’t try to cut down your sleeping hours or to increase them. Good sleep helps your body and mind to relax and increase your concentration power. It makes you feel fresh ad you are able to feel energy for the rest of the day. Sleep is important as it is the best way to recharge and do every task efficiently.

These were the best ways to manage time as a student. These factors are going to help you achieve good marks in exams and you will be able to become more efficient. Therefore, it’s time to forget your old habits and get into the new ones.

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