A successful business is not only composed of business strategies but also exceptional leadership. A great leader acts as the catalyst that makes all the other things work together. A business that has all the fundamental things which are needed to operate a business but lacks a good leader will not be able to retain its positioning the market. A leaderless organization is an army without general, a school without teacher and a family without parents. There are following nitty-gritty reasons why good leadership is needed by the business:

  • REASON # 1 (Leadership and business objective)

A good leadership is required to help define why to the audience. A leader explains the employees the purpose of the business and conveys the objective of the business to them. A purpose eradicates their confusion and tells them what their purpose is. A great leader is the one who is humble, strong and decisive. This helps people to work well together that foster positive vibe in the entire organization. It defines employees the purpose of the business in the market. A leader gives is our “why” and the reason that we are doing what we do.

  • REASON # 2 (Leadership and organization culture)

There are companies that have amazing branding and goodwill in the market but their internal structure depicts a completely opposite picture. The internal structure is the culture of the organization.  The culture of the organization is what increases the employee retention rate. The key players in forming a great organizational culture are the upper management people because they have the authority to create a culture. A culture that appreciates, supports and motivates employee participation increases employee retention rate. A good leadership creates a better work world which increases the productivity and overall efficiency of the business.

  • REASON # 3 (Leadership and vision)

Leadership provides the sense of purpose to the business. A leader looks forward and sees where the business is headed. It helps us to avert from the catastrophe before it happens. It is essential to realize the need for the business and guide them during the rocky times. It provides the employee with the strategic direction ensuring that all the company employees and department are headed in the same direction. If the company has good leadership the obstacles will seem insignificant. A good leader preserves vision. It taps the vision into the sentiments of the employees.

  • REASON # 4 (Leadership and risk management)

The environment in which the company is operating is always changing. The element of risk is present all the time. To handle the risk and make the employee aware of the circumstances that appear with the risk a good leadership is crucial. A good leader trains the employees for the future and current risk management. Keeping workforce prepared will help them gain strategic vision which will indirectly add extensive value to the business.

  • REASON # 5 (Leadership and skill refinement)

A good leadership helps employees to refine their skills. It helps employees realize their potential talent and polished their skills. It provides the opportunity to practice those skills and enhance them. It shows them the skills that they need to attain a place they inspire to get. This creates equal success for employee and the company.

  • REASON # 6 (Leadership and values)

A good leader creates value for the organization in the employees. It focuses employee attention on the values of the organization; it syncs the values within the team so that they are being implemented. The attitude of the leader to the values is modeled by the team. These values create a better workplace for the employees. A great leader starts to live with the values and get employees to follow and believe in the values you do. This helps employees to feel connected to the organization. A famous quote from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt states that the greatest leaders of all time are the ones who inspire others to have confidence in them rather than just in other leaders.

  • Reason # 7 (Leadership and integrity)

Every business needs a good leadership because he fosters integrity in the organization. Every executive agrees that the core of integrity is truthfulness. When leader practices integrity in the organization, he portrays a message for the employee that when you do the right thing they have nothing to be guilty about. A leader demonstrates to tell truth to the people in each situation because it makes a business a success. The real sign of leadership is how fair one can be when others are been unfair. It makes the business successful because the people out there can rely on you and this is because of the magic of integrity.

It doesn’t matter which industry you operate in, a good leadership helps your employees in determining where to move with a vision.


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