Any business depends on sales as its core support system. However, in most cases, businesses do not actively focus on improving sales. They believe that as long as they have put in place the right product processes, sales will follow suit. This is now always the case, and any sales marketing manager ought to understand that focus on sales is vital for the existence of the business. So, whether you are dealing in a b2b or b2c business, these revolutionary sales tactics will help invigorate your business and subsequently boost your revenues significantly.

Clearly segment and map your target market

A business that does not understand its market is as good as dead. As a business manager, you ought to understand that you not only have specific markets but also several segments and sub-segments that need your full attention. Take a keen interest and analyze each micro market as an entity. This will come in handy when offering service or selling a product as this helps you understand your market much better as a whole. With this in place, you will be in a better position to customize value proposition strategies for each market segment.

Market segmentation also helps you understand how each segment perceives your business and thus help you understand the right marketing messages that will speak to their hearts. This strategy not only helps you reach your target market with the right message but also reduces unnecessary expenses on marketing that, more often, goes to the wrong audience.

Pay attention to every part of the funnel

Usually, a business funnel consists of three basic phases: attraction phase, conversion phase, and closure phase. These come at the top, middle and bottom positions respectively. As such, a business worth its salt ought to manage every phase of the funnel if it hopes to realize constant growth. In most cases, business managers lay more emphasis at the bottom of the funnel. This is most likely because they deem this phase a determinant of the near-term numbers.

Ignoring the top and the middle funnels can be disastrous as this will mean slow growth in numbers. Remember, a packed funnel means more options for the company. With a weak funnel, the company becomes vulnerable and will accept any deal put on the table by potential customers. By accepting these sub-optimal terms, the business runs the risk of poor profitability. So, as a business manager, keep your focus on all levels of the funnel to ensure it remains packed with genuine prospects that will translate to good revenues.

Leverage on the power of data

The modern business environment is increasingly getting dependent on data to help boost its sales prospects. Data helps in reducing churn, acquisition, tracking customer experience and increasing revenue per customer. Data also comes in handy when focusing on improving leads generation. In fact, leads generation can be improved even better by using digital marketing strategies.

Notably, customer related data is always available but most business managers are yet to understand how to tap into its potential. By leveraging on the power of data, a business will significantly improve its sales prospects as it will already be ahead of the competition. It is, however, important to note that the quantum of the data is not as important as the expertise in using it.

Service is still King

As a business manager, you will not run away from the fact that a customer always needs to be treated with as much decorum and professionalism as possible.

Remember, a happy client or customer remains the biggest asset to any business. This may involve the use of people or technology, but the results ought to be as practical as possible. Any business that focuses on good service and offering a good experience to its customers will have an edge over the competition, and this will ultimately translate to better revenues. Good customer service should start from the top of the management and run down to every level or the company’s organization.

Sales are literally the very basic tenet of every business. This forms the main determinant of the business’ revenue stream and, therefore, need a special focus. With the right sales tactics, your business becomes a magnet to prospective customers. Nurture these tactics and maintain consistency for even better revenue streams for your business.

Author Bio: Finnegan Pierson loves business and has a passion for technology. Even more interesting is the combination of the two. As a freelance writer, Finn hopes to influence others so they can have a positive business experience.