Connection, well-established communications across the globe, now feels like a dream come true- all thanks to computers, video conferencing, computer games, online courses, blogs, video-sharing Web sites, smartphones, Web 2.0 tools and so forth. It seems like these technologies have succeeded in bridging the gap between opportunities to learn from each other. For example, you can see new places, meet new people, explore other cultures, learn new languages, and share and develop ideas and the list goes on.

There was a time when education was limited to the four walls of the classroom; now we can say that everything is available online. And that’s the reason why digital education must be given some importance. Moreover, one cannot deny the shift taken from print to digital space. Down below I would like to mention certain benefits of using digital learning as a game-changer for educators.

#1 Personalized learning

Digital learning provides an opportunity to aid every student to learn at the best pace and path. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that more and more schools including the next generation ones are prototyping the benefits of customization. I mean if someone asks me to reimagine the opportunity of digital learning, I can say that it can result in increasing learner’s own passions, strengths, needs, family, culture, and community.

Imagine each student will get an equal opportunity to customize their own learning sequences making education more productive. Special needs will be more quickly diagnosed, learning gaps will be addressed, and progress will be accelerated.

#2 Enhanced learning opportunities

With the severe extension in learning opportunities, more and more people are seen praising open-walled learning and acknowledging it. Having easy access to full and part-time online learning means that every student can access to many world languages. One shouldn’t forget that thousands of university courses by the best professors are available for free to anyone with a broadband connection.

#3 High engagement learning

Digital learning can boost student motivation. I mean you can ask anyone who has witnessed the engagement of game-based learning can appreciate the potential to create learning experiences that boost persistence.

#4 Competency-based learning

It has been observed that students using digital learning tools and technology become more engaged and interested in the process. Believe it or not, they are seen actively learning through a wide range of engaging methods such as peer education, teamwork, problem-solving, reverse teaching, concept maps, gamification, staging, role-playing and of course my favorite storytelling.

Gone are the days when students used to hide in voluminous textbooks or one-sided lectures, today sessions are far more interactive and memorable. And this gives a sudden rise in healthy competition.

#5 Involving parents

Above all, more and more parents are seen today involving in interactive activities to encourage their child’s interest in learning. For example, with the help of gamification, learning procedures seem to be more enjoyable and interesting. In addition to this, parents are now able to explore online learning activities with their child which can serve as an extension to what they are learning in their classrooms. This directly affects the development of a child’s well-being.

Closing the Gap

However, I am not saying that traditional lectures have completely abolished but the new-age learning tools and technology have given a great impact on students, teachers, and parents across the globe. Unlike earlier, students often have the option to pace their learning and even study ahead with a digital learning tool. On and all, children are now able to think outside their typical learning modes, digital learning inspires creativity and lets children feel a sense of accomplishment that encourages further learning.

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