Being a writer is a beautiful calling, yet what is called ‘writer’s block’ seems to happen just too often. Basically, the secret to staying productive is to just keep writing. The more you write, the better you become. But what can you do when you don’t feel that push to sit down and write? Do you lack motivation? Do you lack mood? You can’t afford to stop writing, because this is how you make a living…so what is there to be done to break free from this vicious circle?

Just keep reading this little guide to find out a few quite simple yet very powerful tips on becoming more productive in writing:

Write one creative piece every day
This is a very good exercise. Just sit down and write about something that preoccupies you the most at the moment. You don’t have to write too much, about 200 words is enough. Try to concentrate your feelings, your emotions, and be as creative and unique as possible. This piece is just for you to read, so you can write as freely as you wish. Let your brain be free and put down on paper anything that you want to. This little practical exercise will give you that ‘drive’ or that dosage you actually need to start working on your projects.

Discover new words
The tools of a writer are the words. Maybe you are not that productive because your writing is too monotone. It is time to spice things up, and start using new ‘tools’. Take that thesaurus and start discovering new words, meanings and phrases. Slowly try to incorporate your acquired knowledge into your writings. You will notice that your work is much more fresh, interesting, inviting and unique. Your work has become a routine, so get out of it by using new words and expressions. You will become much more motivated, you’ll see…

Make your environment pleasant
A dull desk, a chair, your laptop, the printer, a few books…this is how your home office looks like. In order to become more productive in writing, you need to be surrounded by beautiful images and pleasant scents. Therefore, it’s time to buy a few colorful accessories such as a funky clock, a few colorful paintings for the wall, and get a new coffee cup with a few inspiring words imprinted on it. Arrange some fresh flowers in a vase, and use aromatherapy candles in the room. Make your environment more welcoming, pleasant and warm. Your productivity levels will increase by 50% just because you made your place cozy and beautiful.

Use pen & paper instead of laptop
Maybe your productivity as writer is on low levels, because writing has become so impersonal. We use laptops and writing programs to type. Maybe it is time to make your writing more personal, so for the shorter projects just work using pen and paper. Writing will become much closer to you, and more personal this way. You don’t have to write very long projects on paper using your pen. Simply use pen and paper for coming up with creative phrases, for making your drafts and outlines, for scribbling your ideas and more. By breaking the routine of typing everything using your laptop, you will notice that you feel a huge appetite for writing more. And more.

Keep in mind these tips for when you feel like writing has become so boring for you. It is time to break the routine and spice up your surroundings, or do things differently. Writing is an art, and you can become an artist again if you bring some great changes into your daily routine.

Prepared by Linda Craig, eager editor for .  She is very dedicated to finding productivity and time management tricks for writers. Feel free to follow her on Twitter.